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Achieving Gr8ness: Giving Back With Gr8nola

Achieving Gr8ness: Giving Back With Gr8nola Achieving Gr8ness: Giving Back With Gr8nola

Helping others achieve gr8ness is a huge part of why gr8nola exists, and we believe that giving back is one of best ways to fulfill this mission. In honor of the giving season, we're supporting those most in need by donating gr8nola to local communities and food banks YOU feel most passionately about.

We are so grateful for the flood of responses we received and ultimately narrowed it down to two banks, nominated by our amazing community members, Annalyse and Caitlin. Learn more about their stories, what they're most grateful for and why they feel so passionately about giving back to these food banks.

Meet Our Community Members: Annalyse & Caitlin 


Annalyse: My name is Annalyse, I'm Las Vegas's resident health and fashion devotee! I'm currently a senior buyer and social media manager for the online swimwear destination, I'm training for a half marathon to celebrate my birthday this spring, and love getting pushed outside of my comfort zone at the gym. When I'm not working (or working out) I like to play creative director for my own fashion shoots to share my personal style with internet-land!


Caitlin: My name is Caitlin Sly, I live in Walnut Creek, CA which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano and have for the past ten years.

What Are You Most Gr8ful For This Season? 

Annalyse: I am so gr8ful for "the helpers" (as Mr. Rogers put it) that consistently show up during times of hardship. From Las Vegans who overwhelmed blood banks after the Route 91 attack to the shelters working to save pets left behind in the California wildfires, every time I turn on the news I am inspired by the "helpers" who create kindness and community in the face of tragedy.

Caitlin: I am most gr8ful for my family. Especially in light with what is going on in Butte County with the wildfires, I feel especially lucky to have those that are important to me safe and sound.

Tell Us About The Food Bank You Chose...Why Are You Passionate About It?

Annalyse: ThreeSquareLV has a longstanding history of helping the Las Vegas community, proving that we are a city who looks out for our neighbors in need. The most outstanding part of ThreeSquareLV is their dedication to childhood nutrition. They support a program that fills backpacks with ready to eat food for local school children to take home on weekends (during which they may not have any other food available to them). I am so proud to share their message, and cannot wait for Gr8nola to bring more joy to the Las Vegas community!

Caitlin: The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano is an anti-hunger organization in the East Bay Area that serves 178,000 people every month. In an area that is hard hit by the Bay Area housing crisis, 1 in 8 of residents turn to this Food Bank for help. They have been serving the community for over 40 years and make it their mission to partner with the community to serve their neighbors in need. They not only provide food to children, seniors, and low-income working families, but they help people sign up for SNAP benefits as well as advocate for policies that provide supports to those in need. They are committed to providing healthy food - over half of what they distribute is fresh fruits and vegetables and less than 1% of the food they distribute is comprised of snacks, soda and desserts. The clients they serve would be grateful to have granola as part of the food they receive from the Food Bank as it would be a compliment to the healthy food they receive. I know the cost of living is especially high in the Bay Area and that the people we serve struggle every day to put food on their families' tables. I truly believe nobody should go hungry, especially in the richest area of the richest state in the richest country in the world.

Donating Gr8nola To Food Bank Of Contra Costa

Written By:

Erica Liu