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Highlighting gr8ness: Leanne Toth

Highlighting gr8ness: Leanne Toth Highlighting gr8ness: Leanne Toth
I have been eating gr8nola every day and even took it with me on my last trip. I have eaten a lot of other granola brands but stopped eating it for some time due to other brands being too heavy and sweet. I love that gr8nola isn’t too sweet and has this crisp, crunchy, yet light texture. The flavors go so well together and makes me feel light! Oh, and my dog loves it too! - Leanne Toth


Tell us about yourself:

I’m a Self-Love and Personal Power Coach with over a decade of experience working in the tech corporate world and I understand the importance of balancing self-care and being in action. I help people reclaim their energy and confidence, so that they can feel alive, live a meaningful life and unleash their superpowers from within. I also enjoy blogging at

What makes you hungry for gr8ness?

Deep down, every human being wants to grow and when we tap into our why and believe in ourselves and hold onto that vision, that’s when the magic happens. My why is to experience the best health and loving mindset possible so I can feel good and be free to do the things I want to do. The more I can grow as a person, the more I can improve the lives of others and this includes my dog! 😊 I want others to experience their life the way they imagined it and making others gr8also inspires me to be gr8!

I #eatgr8nola...

every day, so I can feel my best and empower love and greatness in others.

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Written By:

Erica Liu Williams