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Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Jeshua Reza

Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Jeshua Reza Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Jeshua Reza
“I #eatgr8nola when I’m looking for a healthy, energizing start to my day!”
— Jeshua

Tell us about yourself: I am a passionate fitness trainer who loves being active and inspiring others to find happiness through health and nutrition. I love camping and outdoor activities when gr8nola is a staple in my diet.

My inspiration to be gr8 is my wonderful wife and daughter Lois @little_ladylois. My marriage over the past past 5 years has made my career and my personal health and wellness flourish. I live by the "work hard, play hard motto" and love challenging myself every day with learning new things and becoming a better trainer. 

What's your favorite way to #eatgr8nola? It starts with a few dollops of Greek yogurt (organic of course), a drizzle of some local honey (I go wildflower and my special lady goes sage), a heaping scoop of gr8nola and whatever fresh berries we currently have in the house (preferably blueberries for the antioxidants!). When Lois is lucky she gets a nibble too and everyone is happy. I have it almost every morning with a cup of joe and I'm out the door. 

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