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Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Martha Bitar

Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Martha Bitar Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Martha Bitar

What do you do?
I do business development for a Silicon Valley startup called HoneyBook! That's how I met Erica.

What inspires you to be gr8?
Role models and staying challenged!

I #eatgr8nola...
Every morning for breakfast with almond milk and bananas. If I skip gr8nola for breakfast, I find myself snacking on chips and junk food all day. We all know that's #nobueno, so I stick to one gr8-bowl-a-day.

Anything else to share?
Top two things that make gr8nola different:

1) The mission: Erica, gr8nola's founder, has a passion for educating the community on what it means to be healthy. She tears down preconceived notions and dedicates her time to redefine the way people take care of their bodies. Gr8nola was born from that passion, and I know that by eating my daily bowl of gr8nola, I'm not just staying healthy and satiated, but I'm also part of something gr8er (pun intended).

2) The ingredients: I like being aware of what I'm putting in my body. gr8nola is the only granola-type snack out there that is not full of sugar, and instead has clean ingredients that enhances my nutrition!

Written By:

Erica Liu