"Gr8nola has ruined other granola for me. I love getting bites of toasted almond and flavorful flakes of coconut." —Michelle 

Tell us about yourself: I am a marketer by day and a trainer by night. Since I have pretty long days during the week, I keep a bag of gr8nola in my care to snack on. It's my favorite way to get a boost in energy!

What inspires you to be gr8? Seeing good things happen to well deserving people! I am always in awe when a positive and hardworking person gets a lucky break. It motivates me to continue to give back and be a positive support system for my friends and family - You never know when someone has a bad day and just needs words of encouragement or that gesture of kindness. 

I #eatgr8nola...by the handful or with Greek yogurt and honey.