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Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Tiffany Acosta

Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Tiffany Acosta Highlighting gr8ness: Meet Tiffany Acosta

Tell us about yourself: I am a mother to three vivacious adorable boys who are the light of my life and the wife to the most wonderful man who is my best friend and biggest cheerleader.  I left my professional career as a licensed clinical social worker to raise three little guys who we can be proud to release into the world one day who will shower others with their kindness, generosity and productivity.  My children are my world and I strive to be the person I want them and others to be in this world.  Our family mantra is to love, protect, support and encourage one another and our hope is that it is a mantra that our children will play out in the world.  And most importantly, we hope to show our children a healthy lifestyle. 

What's your gr8nola story? Not being a huge fan of granola or coconut, I was blown away by the tastiness of this gr8nola product.  Good? No way!  It's gr8nola-tastic!  This stuff turns you into a gr8nola fan which is the easiest and healthiest snack for our busy family. 

I #eatgr8nola mixed in my yogurt, on top of my oatmeal, or just straight up out of the bag....and oh, I better never ever forget to not put that gr8nola in my husband's lunch box because this is his absolute fave topping/snack. Yep, we sure can't get enough of gr8nola. And are proud to support a woman-owned business. :)

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