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Highlighting gr8ness: Tegan Lee

Highlighting gr8ness: Tegan Lee Highlighting gr8ness: Tegan Lee

What do you do?  

I am a pediatric nurse at Seattle Children's hospital. I absolutely love my job but after long work stretches (3-12 hour shifts sometimes 4 in a row) I need to go to my happy place and be one with nature.

What inspires you to be gr8?

To be able to do all that I want to do in life with no limitations. Living an active and healthy lifestyle allows me to feel happy from the inside out. It allows me to be an example to the kids I take care of at work and to the rest of the world around me.

I #eatgr8nola...

To fuel up before work, a yoga session, or before a beautiful hike in the Pacific Northwest. In order to feel gr8, I love to mix my gr8nola with soy milk, fresh fruit and chia seeds! It also adds a yummy crunch on top of an acai bowl!

Follow Tegan on Instagram! @teegsy3

Written By:

Erica Liu