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Highlighting team gr8nola: Hayley

Highlighting team gr8nola: Hayley Highlighting team gr8nola: Hayley

Tell us about yourself and when did you join team gr8nola?

Hi everyone! I’m Hayley, a mid 20s young professional living in the heart of NYC! I grew up in Boston and still have yet to convert to a Yankees fan :). I went to a small school in the heart of Providence where I graduated with a degree in marketing.

I joined team gr8nola in January of 2017 - so about to hit my one year mark! As the first ‘official’ team member, it’s been so fun working alongside Erica who truly embodies what it means to be #hungryforgr8ness. My role at gr8nola is managing our Instagram feed, helping drive our brand strategy and working on different partnerships and promotions!

In my (very) little spare time, I absolutely love to work out and am an avid runner. I’ve run three marathons and qualified for the Boston Marathon three times! Injury has kept me from the start but it keeps me hungry and I’m determined to make it to the start line in 2018! I’m also an avid traveler - my top two trips of 2017 were Norway and Israel!

What makes you hungry for gr8ness?

Being able to give back to my mom, who has given me more love and support I could have ever asked for growing up. This has pushed me to do more in my personal and professional life. I typically juggle no fewer than three jobs at a time and each of them truly brings something unique and special into my life, and allows me to help support my family! My mom always says that I have the world at my fingertips and this is just the beginning and this truly makes me #hungryforgr8ness in everything that I do - life is too short to miss out on any opportunities!

What’s the gr8est gift you’ve ever received?

From childhood, my absolute favorite gift I ever received was a trampoline! In recent years, I absolutely love my Alo Yoga Moto Leggingsthey are perfect for going from yoga to a night out with a cute jacket and boots!

What’s on your wishlist this year?

A copper vitamix, this is my dream blender, plus the fun copper finish would give my kitchen a total upgrade!

What’s on your 2018 bucket list?

Travel, travel, travel!! My top three spots are Chile, Thailand and Peru and I’m hoping to get to at least one of them! After a rough 2017 filled with injury I’m also hoping to finish my fourth marathon!

Written By:

Erica Liu