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Spotlight #gr8nolagirl: Leslie Wong

Spotlight #gr8nolagirl: Leslie Wong Spotlight #gr8nolagirl: Leslie Wong

Leslie Wong is the Founder of Burgundy Fox, a subscription lingerie brand on a mission to celebrate all bodies and empower women to love themselves. She experienced first-hand how unenjoyable lingerie shopping could be, and realized it was fraught with barriers for regular women based on unattainable and outdated standards of beauty. Burgundy Fox strives to create a more real, more kind message about beauty for this generation of women and futures to come.

Tell us your story - what made you hungry for #gr8ness?

One of my greatest heroes and inspirations to work hard and treat people well, has been my mom. At a very young age my mom would bring me, her youngest daughter of three girls, to work with her on on Saturday mornings. I'd pack up my bucket of legos and spend hours in her office while she worked weekends to get ahead. She showed me the value of working hard and was my first example of professional woman who took her job seriously. Looking back, for better or worse, she glamorized work for me, her power suits and YSL perfume, business cards and lucite office paraphernalia--I think I had caught an early bug for the working world that led me to several career defining opportunities. Working in every type of environment from solopreneurs to startups to global corporations, I've picked up a lot along the way and am now working on reaching greatness in my own terms. That is, pursuing a balanced life where I strive to continue growing personally through travel and time with family, while growing a passion-fueled business that makes a meaningful contribution to society. 

 Girl Boss = #gr8nolagirl. What's been a top Girl Boss moment in your career?

There's been many moments that I'm proud of, but when I reflect on the most meaningful moment of my career, I wouldn't say it was any promotion or award, but being able to mentor a manager through all types of professional and personal development moments. I'll never forget hearing this, but a true girl boss "lifts as she climbs". 

 What's a typical day in the #gr8life like for you?

There is no typical day, except that I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Since launching Burgundy Fox, I've found that I'm less dependent on coffee, because I'm prioritizing sleep better without the mandatory check-ins and team calls from my days of corporate life. I organize my day with a project management tool and choose what to do first based on when I'm naturally most productive. I save strategizing, planning and copy writing for the beginning of the day when I'm most fresh-- then I browse, read, surf for info and design later in the day. I prioritize spending 4-5 hours a week exercising, power yoga is my jam, mixed in with boxing and running. The toughest part about running your own business is making time to eat. I start my day with organic omega 3 eggs, then snack on Fage greek yogurt, organic honey and gr8nola as a mid-morning snack after my metabolism has been revved up and my brain has been spending some calories. Lunch can often fall to the wayside, but I try to go no later than 2 or 3pm without breaking for lunch. Dinner is my relaxation time and when I don't 'work-eat', but turn off and even enjoy a glass of wine. 

Who, or what inspires you to be #gr8?

The strangest thing happens when a child enters your world. I'm not a mother, but an aunt to the smartest, funniest, most adorable niece. Seeing yourself through a child's eyes makes you want to be a better person. When I think of all the frustrating and heartbreaking scenarios I've been through as a female, and continue to see what other injustices and bias women experience today, it makes me want to create a different world for her. A world where women are encouraged, promoted, accepted and rewarded based on their character, not their gender, skin color, body size, marital status or lifestyle choices. 


Written By:

Erica Liu