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Spotlight #gr8nolagirl: Sarah Lipps

Spotlight #gr8nolagirl: Sarah Lipps Spotlight #gr8nolagirl: Sarah Lipps

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sarah Lipps is a huge health and wellness junkie. Lover of traveling - preferably without plans, card games, the beach and hanging out with family (she is one of TEN kids) and friends, you can most often find her experimenting in the kitchen, on a long walk or at BARE Bowls.

Tell us your story - what made you hungry for #gr8ness?

After going to school in Southern CA, I became increasingly interested in health foods. Frustrated by several health food restaurants and products in grocery stores, I created BARE Bowls to represent transparency in the food industry - without sacrificing taste - aka healthy food CAN and does taste mighty good. The menu at BARE is exactly what you are eating - fully transparent, no added ingredients that are not listed, local granola (that you can read off all the ingredients!) house made nut milks, and unsweetened acai!

Girl Boss = #gr8nolagirl. What's been a top Girl Boss moment in your career?

Girl boss moments for me are living day in and day out as myself - knowing my strengths and weaknesses and positioning myself to do my best with what she has and with who she is. #Girl Boss to me is being 100 percent who you are.

What's a typical day in the #gr8life like for you?

A day in the #gr8life is different every day - every day is completely new! The best approach to every day is attitude. New issues arise every day - and I look at them as opportunity and learning. After 3 years, I am starting more of a routine. Starting with mornings to myself - a slow morning with coffee or matcha, meditation or working out. From there, responding to emails, paying bills, high priority tasks, etc. until lunch. The afternoons are reserved for in-person meetings, and catering. Evenings are almost always family and friends, unless there is an event going on!

Who, or what inspires you to be #gr8?

A gr8 life is a sum of gr8 days - I’m inspired to create my dream day every day through action and choice. I am constantly inspired by people who are not afraid to be themselves and be vulnerable. I live by the belief that if you show up for yourself, then you can show up for others and spreading #gr8ness all around!

Written By:

Erica Liu