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7 Podcasts That'll Inspire You to Live Healthier By the End of Your Commute

 7 Podcasts That'll Inspire You to Live Healthier
7 Podcasts That'll Inspire You to Live Healthier

Whether you’re scrambling for a seat on the subway or sitting in traffic behind the wheel, a commute is hardly anyone’s favorite part of the day. The average commute time in America is around 25 minutes and research shows it can have serious effects on your mental and physical health. But what if you could change that?

Experts have all kinds of tips on how to make your commute better and easier on your mind and body—from loosening up with stretches before hopping behind the wheel to listening to calming music. Our gr8est tip? We’re big fans of tuning into podcasts when it’s time for those daily trips to and from work. We’ve outlined seven podcasts that’ll maximize your time on the road and help leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and healthy.

1. For When You Need Inspiration to Chase Your Dreams: Beyond Your Wildest Genes

Beyond Your Wildest Genes is a Chiropractic and natural health think tank...with a podcast that inspires people to live a naturally healthy and happy life fueled by holistic wellness. There’s one episode we’re especially loving featuring our founder Erica Liu Williams on the making of gr8nola! Erica’s journey stretches from being an Olympic Trials swimmer to a tech career in Silicon Valley and later launching the clean-ingredient snack we know and love. Take a listen to inspire you to go for it!

2. For When You Want to Feel Like You’re Chatting With a Friend: Soul on Fire

Created by Jordan Younger, @thebalancedblonde on Instagram and author of Breaking Vegan, Soul on Fire is a conversation between experts in the wellness industry. They cover everything from wellness tips, friendships and passion to skincare, meditation and fitness. Topics range based on the guest, so there’s always a gr8 variety of info in a chatty style.

3. For When You Need a Reminder to Love Yourself: The BodyLove Project

This podcast by registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Jessi Haggerty has one mission: How do you love your body? Ranging from the downside of “fitspo” and diet culture to emotional eating and overcoming eating disorders, this podcast interviews real people alongside experts. It has a big emphasis on positivity, so this is a useful one to tune into when you need an uplifting story.

4. For When You Want Helpful Tips and Takeaways: Beauty Inside Out

Kimberly Snyder is a New York Times bestselling author and clinical nutritionist who uses her podcast to explore philosophies and personal experiences with health, nutrition, yoga, spirituality and fitness. This podcast takes a “whole body” approach to health that gives you a little taste of everything you need to tap into your own power.

5. For When You Need a Crash Course on Balance: Eat, Move, and Live Better

This podcast from Precision Nutrition has one core message: You can be healthy and fit while still living your life—including when doing things you love, whether it’s an occasional cupcake splurge or hanging with friends. Give this one a listen if you’re looking to get started on a wellness journey: It breaks down living well in a way that’s accessible and enjoyable.

6. For When You Need to Chill: Unstress

Less stress? Sign us up. This podcast by Dr. Ron Ehrlich is a fantastic resource with a scientific side: Every week, he interviews experts and thought leaders on how we can live less stressed lives. This podcast covers everything from the role of food and public health messages to fertility and “whole health,” so if you want a podcast that gets you thinking, this one’s for you!

7. For When You Need an Inspirational Fitness Boost: Hurdle

Emily Abbate is a writer, editor and fitness fanatic who can also add personal trainer, running coach and spin coach to her resume. She’s written for every publication from Glamour to Esquire, and Hurdle is her passion project. She realized on her own journey that everyone had a story to tell about fitness getting them through tough times, and that’s the focus of her podcast. Each week, Abbate interviews people about how fitness had an impact on their lives, including yoga, running, eating, juicing and meditation. With a gr8 range of guests, this is the podcast to listen to when you need a big motivational boost to chase your goals.

What’s your favorite wellness podcast to listen to on your commute? Let us know!