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Crazy Delicious Superfood Granola

No Inflammatory Oils. No Refined Sugar. No BS.

They Love Feeling Gr8

Nigel Barker

Simply delicious! The low sugar content and the fabulous ingredients take these granolas to a whole new level.

Nigel Barker

Photographer & TV Personality


Halle Berry

I could eat the whole bag!

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Halle Berry



Chriselle Lim

I eat gr8nola almost every day. I love all their flavors, and the kids love it too!

Chriselle Lim

Founder of bümo and mother of 2


Chriselle Lim sent me a big bag of gr8nola a little while ago and I hate her for it! I have it in my office and I snack on it all day long.

Molly Sims

Actress, Model & Mother


Jason Wrobel

gr8nola’s Matcha & Black Coco Chia are my all-time fave granolas. I use it in my smoothies, ice cream, pie crusts and more. A bag never lasts more than 48 hours!

Jason Wrobel

Celebrity Chef & Cooking Channel TV Host


My boyfriend and I LOVE gr8nola. We top our salads, smoothie bowls and oatmeals for crunch and love that it’s clean yet tastes SO GOOD!

Remi Ishizuka

Health & Wellness Influencer


Bryan Clay

Our family loves healthy products and gr8nola has been a perfect fit. Whether for breakfast or as a quick snack between workouts, gr8nola hits the spot every time.

Bryan Clay

Olympic Decathlon Gold & Silver Medalist


Gr8nola is such a simple and delicious snack that my kids LOVE, and I love knowing they’re getting a nutrition packed snack that’s going to keep them full and satisfied.

Mary Ellen Phipps

Diabetes Dietitian & Mother


Tara Laferrara

Gr8nola goes in my breakfast every morning. It's the perfect start to my day!

Tara Laferrara

Fitness Trainer


Jess Strother

I love topping my smoothie bowls with gr8nola, it’s so healthy and yummy and I wouldn’t have my bowls any other way!

Jess Strother

Fashion Model


Gr8nola gives me the energy I need to crush exhausting workouts, and it’s a great tasting snack!

Austin Dotson

Fitness Specialist


Why Gr8nola?

An Illustrated Leaf

Clean Ingredients

Made with simple ingredients and free of additives, refined sugar, dairy, soy and GMOs

Illustration of low sugar

Low in Sugar

Only 5g sugar per serving from unrefined sweeteners like honey and organic coconut sugar

Illustration of two Superfoods

Made with Superfoods

Each bite is packed with nutrient-dense superfoods to help you feel your best

Our founder Erica enjoying a bowl of The Original Gr8nola

Hi, I'm Erica

Like you, I struggled to find tasty and healthy snacks. That's why I started gr8nola: to satisfy your taste buds while helping you feel and be your best.

— Erica Liu Williams, Founder & CEO


From Farmer’s Market to Google

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woman in the supermarket

6 Pack Sampler

lemon zest with granola

The Original

smoothie bowl with the original gr8nola

The Original


Peanut Butter


Golden Spice

cinnamon chai

Cinnamon Chai

a kid eating the cacao crisp granola

Cacao Crisp

gr8nola's black coco chia

Black Coco Chia