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Frequently Asked Questions

We love our customers. That’s why we’re transparent and upfront about our products and everything we do. If you have questions, please look below for answers. Or contact our team, and we’ll get back to you shortly.



Is gr8nola organic?

We source organic ingredients whenever possible. All organic ingredients are indicated as such under product details when purchasing gr8nola.

Is gr8nola gluten free?

Although we are not “certified” GF, we are happy to say that gr8nola has no wheat-containing ingredients.

Is gr8nola vegan?

Almost all! Our superfood flavors (Matcha, Turmeric, Cacao & Charcoal) are vegan and Original gr8nola (which contains honey) is our only product that is not vegan.

Does gr8nola contain nuts?

Our superfood flavors Matcha Green Tea, Golden Turmeric, Coco Cacao & Charcoal Chia are completely nut-free (except coconut). Our Original contains almonds.

Does gr8nola contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms)?

At gr8nola our goal is to provide customers with granola that is both clean and delicious. All of our ingredients are non-GMO. The way it should be.

Are you guys coming out with new flavors soon?

We are always brainstorming unique flavors and creating in the kitchen so please stay tuned. We promise you’ll be the first to know!



Where do you ship?

We currently ship to everywhere in the US. Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Are you in stores?

We are a small but growing brand, so for the time being gr8nola is available on, Amazon and a few select stores.

Bay Area stores include The Market on Market, Berkeley Bowl Main & West locations, Alameda Natural Grocery and Napa Farms Markets in SFO.

SoCal stores include Erewhon Natural Foods in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice and Calabasas. 

Can I get gr8nola at my company?

Absolutely! Please send an email our way and we can work something out.