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Food Blogger Feature: Valerie Fidan

 Valerie Fidan
Valerie Fidan

Tell us about yourself:

Hi, I'm Valerie! I'm a wellness blogger, podcaster, and social media growth consultant in the health foods + wellness industry based in Portland, OR. I'm a San Francisco Bay Area native that gave up the comforts of home in Silicon Valley to travel the world with my husband and two dogs. After 18 months of traveling non-stop, we've settled in the Pacific Northwest.

What got you to start a food blog?

My wellness blog, is a space filled with bits and bites of food, life, and travel that are part of my everyday life, with plenty of gluten-free, mostly plant-based recipes, wellness, and travel inspirations. It's a breeding ground for ideas and excitement for an inspired, balanced lifestyle. When I started it in 2012, it was a way to share with family and friends my simple, no fuss recipes and ideas to make healthy eating delicious, along with our (my husband and I) travels. Over the years it’s grown from being a personal blog, sharing my travels and recipes with friends, to a lighthearted approach to living a balanced life. This experience has led me to expanded to a weekly podcast with a friend, sharing with the Portland community weekly interviews with experts to chat about health and wellness and hosting fitness pop-up’s around town. These pop-ups are a way to bring the community together to try out new workouts, learn about new healthy restaurants, companies and fitness studios, wellness advice from the experts and sweating together.

What's your philosophy when it comes to healthy living?

It’s all about the balance and surrounding yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle. It rubs off!

We're all about delicious & clean eating: what are your favorite go-to recipes?

My go-to recipe is a Buddha Bowl like the Balanced Bowl of Gr8ness or my Go-To Green Smoothie.

What makes you #hungryforgr8ness?

Being open to new possibilities, new opportunities, new perspectives, new friendships that help us grow as individuals, mentally, spiritually and physically. When you welcome these, they help us develop into better versions of ourselves, transforming our mindset, our nutrition, and our bodies through the inspiration of others and different experiences.

Follow Valerie on her blog, Instagram, or listen to her podcast for more delicious recipes and travel inspiration.