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I'm a Full-Time Food Entrepreneur!

 Erica Liu Williams
Erica Liu Williams

Many of you know I've been moonlighting my granola business alongside a full-time job for the past few years. 2017 has been a year of creating the right building blocks for the business and most importantly, overcoming fear and building confidence. Today, I’m BEYOND excited to share that Friday was my last day working for "someone else", and I'm officially a full-time food entrepreneur!

My initial instinct is to continue grind-mode and keep executing per usual. However, I realize this is a very big moment in my life, and I need to press pause, be present with my emotions and reflect on some of the huge leaps I've made in the past year:

  • This time last year, I was only in a handful of tech accounts. Today, you can find gr8nola in the kitchens of many of the biggest tech companies like Google, Dropbox, Uber, Square, Twitter, Slack and many more.

  • This time last year, I had NO sense of what my brand identity was or what gr8nola stood for. This year, I've made huge progress in defining the brand I want to become through a clear mission, brand values and new packaging.

  • This time last year, I was an unknown brand on Instagram. Today, I have a real community of followers, brand friends and influencers—many of which have blossomed into true, offline friendships.

  • This time last year, you couldn't buy gr8nola outside of my website, which made it hard for people to try the product since most consumers don't normally buy food directly from a brand's site. Today, I'm sold on Amazon Prime, which makes it SO much easier for people to buy gr8nola, and orders are going across the country every day from my organic social media efforts.

  • This time last year, I had no way to affordably and scalably produce new flavors. Today, I am working on two—potentially three—new, exciting flavors that will launch by the end of year!

  • This time last year, I didn't know when—or if—gr8nola was going to become a full-time business. Today, I am a full-time food entrepreneur, and I couldn't be more excited and #hungryforgr8ness! 

Thank you for supporting me through my journey, and I'm so incredibly gr8ful to share this moment with you!