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My Olympic Trials Story: Love The Process

 My Olympic Trials Story: Love The Process
My Olympic Trials Story: Love The Process
Sharing a #founderstory in light of the Olympics starting this week! I don't talk a ton of about my background in athletics but fun fact for those who don't know it: I qualified for the US Olympic Swimming Trials at the tender age of 13.⁠

But I HATED swimming.⁠

Needless to say, I never made the Olympics and never improved my best times from when I was 15 years old, and I ended up quitting swimming mid-college career, relinquishing my Stanford scholarship.⁠

I often compare my swimming career to building gr8nola since both take tons of grind and commitment, but the biggest difference is that I actually LOVE the work that goes into building my brand; whereas with swimming, I hated and dreaded every single practice, and I was only in it to compete and win.⁠

I truly believe gr8nola is my redemption story.⁠

Even though I don't feel like I'm winning all the time (and sometimes you feel like you're losing), I truly enjoy the process, embrace the challenges and love the feeling of constant learning and improving.⁠

With any business, sports or goals: To reach your greatest potential, you HAVE to enjoy the process. Because if you don't — as I've learned from swimming — it might be time to quit to find that "next" thing that truly fulfills you.⁠

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