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6 Health + Fitness TikTokers You Should Be Following

 6 Health + Fitness TikTokers You Should Be Following
6 Health + Fitness TikTokers You Should Be Following

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed social junkie or a newbie still trying to learn the lingo, there’s something for you on TikTok — and you’re either hooked, or about to be. We’re not here to shame you for your scrolling thumb. But we are here to help you turn this mindless habit into a productive one. This app is chock full of incredible educational material on health, fitness, and general wellness. If you can curate a feed of creators who inspire you to live a healthier life, you can turn TikTok into an inspo board. Here are a few of our favorite TikTokers to help you get started on your path to mindful scrolling:

1. Meghan Gionta @meghangionta 

Meghan Gionta @meghangionta

Meghan is a certified pilates instructor and nutritionist who brings nutrition down to earth. She makes super informative videos that break down confusing nutrition concepts (like metabolism and macronutrient ratios) into digestible series. We’re obsessed with her diet-culture-free approach to healthy eating and her dedication to bust every fitness myth with science.

2. Brooke Leach @bblfit

Brooke Leach @brookemleach

Brooke is a certified personal trainer who absolutely kills it at the gym. She makes videos on her workouts, breaking them down by body part/training day so you can follow along on your own training split. If you’re trying to get into weight lifting, Brooke is a great person to follow to not only learn new exercises, but to learn them with attention to correct form and setup. She’s also always sharing her best Amazon finds -- how can we pass this up?

3. Girls Who Eat (Jamie) @wearegirlswhoeat

Girls Who Eat (Jamie) @wearegirlswhoeat

Jamie is your go-to girl for all things clean eating. She helps your navigate the grocery aisles to find the best clean label treats to keep you fueled and happy. She also shares easy swaps for some of your pantry staples, like cereal, potato chips and ketchup. From amazing plant-based and gluten free recipes to breaking down confusing topics like “natural flavors”, Jamie’s videos make clean-eating approachable.

4. Stefana Avara

Stefana Avara

Stefana is a certified personal trainer who brought self-love to the fitness space. Her page is a safe space of workouts for “shy girls” (aka women who may be intimidated by the weight lifting section), affirmations to say while on the treadmill, and absolutely no calorie counting or toxic fitness tips. She has workout videos that are beginner-friendly to advanced and always reminds her viewers to stay body positive.

5. Emma Compagna @realwithemma

Emma Compagna @realwithemma

Emma is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach. On her page, she shares mindful morning rituals, affirmations for healing and journal prompts. Her videos are peaceful and informative. She breaks down meditation, setting meaningful intentions and finding motivation. We love her holistic approach to wellness and her overall realness with her audience! 

6. Victoria Garrick @victoriagarrick4

Victoria Garrick @victoriagarrick4

If you’re on TikTok and you’re not already following Victoria… what are you doing? Victoria is a former D1 athlete and an absolute ray of sunshine. She spreads body positive messages and is fully transparent about her eating disorder recovery and how she’s using intuitive eating to get back in touch with her body. Victoria prides herself in showing her real body and drawing attention to toxic social media trends. She’s hilarious, real, and truly embodies gr8ness. 

Next time you’re on your TikTok binge, be sure to check out some of these gr8 women who are working to make TikTok a healthy platform -- for both our bodies and minds.