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Our Gr8 Holiday Gift Guide For Foodies

 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies
Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

Currently looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life? Look no further! Here's a list of affordable and delicious gift ideas to excite your foodie friends and family, while taking the load of holiday gift shopping off your shoulders. Whether you're on the hunt for scrumptious delights, wellness on-the-go or food tech, these gift ideas will make your holidays gr8! 

For The Chocolate Lover:

Erica's Pick (Founder @ gr8nola)

Heart Blood Cacao - Pure Ceremonial Cacao, gift, chocolate, cacao

Heart Blood Cacao - Pure Ceremonial Cacao

“I'm having a major cacao moment. I've always been a fan of cacao (I made a flavor with it, afterall), but drinking ceremonial grade cacao every morning has become a daily ritual after discovering this brand! (I also love that it's single origin from one farm). I add this cacao paste along with cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, black pepper, sea salt and collagen with Ripple Pea Milk and it gives me positive energy all day without any crash. It sounds "woo woo" but it's real. I bought a big bag and going to put this into jars to give as gifts. It'll also make an awesome (healthy) hot chocolate throughout the winter :).

Lauren's Pick (Content Manager @ gr8nola)

PREMIUM GIFT BOX - Sea Salt Chocolate-Covered Cocomels

PREMIUM GIFT BOX - Sea Salt Chocolate-Covered Cocomels

“I'm obsessed with these deluxe sea salt dark chocolate coconut caramels, and let's be real -- Who doesn't like chocolate? These little beauties are plant-based and vegan friendly (so anyone can enjoy them), as well as organic, gluten-free and free of corn syrup. They come packaged in a festive red and gold box, so gifting is made easy!”

For The Wellness Lover:

Tank Williams' Pick (Erica's Husband) 

MUD\WTR™: A Coffee Alternative

MUD\WTR: A Coffee Alternative 

"Every morning after I finish my workout, I head straight to the kitchen to make my MUD\WTR. MUD\WTR is a coffee alternative that provides natural energy, focus and other health benefits, but if I’m being straight up with you, I love it because it tastes good. I mix in a few extra spices with Heart Blood Cacao to make a warm, dark chocolate mix that satisfies the taste buds and keeps me regular. Cheers to the gift that keeps on giving ;-p."

Connie's Pick (Brand Manager @ gr8nola)

Four Sigmatic Matcha Latte Mix  X Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil X Vital Proteins Collagen

3 in 1: Four Sigmatic Matcha Latte Mix  X Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil X Vital Proteins Collagen

“I’ve been drinking this blend every morning because it helps keep me energized and satiated throughout my workout. Plus, all three brands have travel friendly packets which are gr8 for on the go (and make cute stocking stuffers)!”

For The Food-Techie: 

Greta's Pick (Intern @ gr8nola)

Mini Waffle Maker

DASH - Mini Waffle Maker

“I’ve been loving this mini waffle maker lately -- it’s compact and makes the cutest waffles! Plus, it's affordable and allows me to craft my favorite waffle recipes from scratch so I have piece of mind knowing exactly what’s going into them.”

Rachel's Pick (Intern @ gr8nola)

ninja express chop

Ninja Express Chop

"This is food chopper is a must-have in any foodie's kitchen - it's perfect for homemade dips and dressings, smoothies, n'ice creams, and protein balls. Plus, it's easy to clean, very affordable, and dishwasher safe!"

Looking for even more gr8 gift ideas for the holidays? Check out last year's list for your health conscious friends!

Happy Holidays!