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Superfood Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

 Why We Love Sunflower Seeds
Why We Love Sunflower Seeds

Looking for an easy, guilt-free and crunchy snack? Sunflower seeds can add a superfood boost to your everyday dishes -- from salads, to crunchy desserts, to simply enjoying them by the handful. Packed with nutrients that improve cognitive function and heart health, it’s no wonder these super seeds are a key ingredient in every gr8nola flavor!

The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds:

1. Magnesium Power House

Sunflower seeds may be tiny but packed with magnesium, a mineral that can help regulate calcium and potassium levels in our cells, improve cardiovascular health, bone strength and muscle health. High levels of magnesium in our diets can also prevent headaches, fatigue and even depression, leading to improved cognitive function and focus.

2. Serene Selenium

Sunflower seeds contain another essential, but difficult to find mineral called selenium. A deficiency in selenium has proven to cause thyroid complications, but a diet containing sunflower seeds can help! Selenium is also known for its ability to fight diseases and infections by boosting your immune system and flushing your body with antioxidants.

3. Beauty Benefits

Sunflower seeds will have you feeling great on the inside and looking great on the outside. Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E (just 1/4 cup contains more than 80% of your daily value!), sunflower seeds can help you maintain healthy, strong and youthful looking skin by helping your skin retain its hydration through protection from sun exposure and other damaging free radicals. Sunflowers seeds can have a positive effect on your hair as well, making it stronger and visibly shiner.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Convinced that sunflower seeds are a must-have in your diet? Try our clean snacking gr8nola for a delicious mix of sunflower seeds, whole grain oats and other nutrient-packed superfoods like our Coco Cacao and Golden Turmeric flavors!