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Creating the Perfect Morning Routine

 Creating the Perfect Morning Routine
Creating the Perfect Morning Routine

A Morning Routine That’s Perfect for YOU

Let’s admit it: we’re not all morning people. For some of us, we fall asleep already dreading the sound of the alarm – which we already know we’re going to snooze – and the mere thought of pulling the blankets off. But even the night owls can admit that a productive morning leads to a more productive day. Imagine waking up and not hitting snooze immediately, not dragging your body out of bed with creaks and cracks, not feeling like the day has already passed you by. It’s
never too late to start a healthy, happy morning routine. 

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The concept of a “healthy morning routine” has probably been flooding your social feeds a lot lately, with influencers demonstrating their “perfect morning routine” – consisting of some $80 supplements, an elaborate workout, and a breakfast that would take you hours to put together. While we may idealize the “that girl” morning routine, it’s worth acknowledging that this isn’t for
everyone. Our mornings routines should be customizable to our specific needs and desires. The goal should never be to adopt someone else’s exact morning routine, but instead, to create a balanced morning routine for you. 

A balanced morning routine can mean different things for different people. Ultimately, it will help you set the tone for the day, feel more in control of your schedule, and improve your focus and productivity. Studies have shown that those who adopt consistent wake-up times perform better in school and work than those who mix it up. Other studies have shown that early morning movement helps boost energy levels. Plus, keeping a consistent routine can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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My Perfect Morning Routine

As a founder, wife, and new mom, I’ve had to work and rework my own happy, healthy morning routine over time. While bits and pieces have changed and will continue to change, there are a few items that remain a consistent part of my morning routine and keep me on track. Need Some Inspiration?

Wake Up Call
As previously mentioned, waking up at or around the same time every day is crucial to setting yourself up for success. In fact, even if you consistently get the same amount of sleep in general, you will not be experiencing the same benefits as someone who wakes up at the same time every day. 

Rather than waking up to a blaring alarm, I choose to wake up to a melodic alarm or natural sounds, like birdsong. Research has shown that this small switch helps you wake up more gently, rather than abruptly disturbing your REM cycle. Sometimes, I even wake up to my favorite song at the moment, which helps me get excited for the day rather than dreading the moment I have to get out of bed. 

I personally choose to wake up three hours before I need to be anywhere, which allows me to start the morning slowly. It also helps me ensure that I sneak in a great workout and healthy breakfast before heading out the door. If three hours isn’t feasible for your work schedule, consider adding a simple extra 15-30 minutes to your existing wake-up time to experience a slower-paced morning. 

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Eating a Healthy Breakfast

You’ve heard it before, now you’re hearing it again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The first foods you put in your body will be your fuel for the day – both for your body and brain. Personally, I love having a protein-packed breakfast to kick off my day and keep me full and focused. Some of my favorites are overnight oats and yogurt bowls topped with gr8nola for a boost of superfoods and the perfect crunch. Both of these options are super customizable. I love having oats or yogurt as a nutritious base, and switching up the toppings to include different flavors and textures. Here are some of my favorite recipes, which focus on complete nutrition. 

Moving My Body
Moving your body in the morning is a great way to get the day going. It helps awaken your body after spending hours horizontal, easing muscle tightness. I also love morning exercise because it increases blood flow to my brain, which helps with focus throughout the rest of the day. Some of my favorite morning workouts are nice light runs or bike rides, or short yet super efficient HIIT sessions.

I’m not always in the mood to do a full-on workout first thing in the morning, so I often opt for simple activities like stretching, light yoga, or a 15-20 minute walk outside. If you can pair your morning movement with some sunshine time, you’ll also experience the benefits of morning sunlight exposure, which gives you a boost of serotonin, helps your body adjust and can improve your natural circadian rhythm. Plus, I love getting in some natural vitamin D!

Your Routine is YOURS

There is no “right” time to start your healthy, happy morning routine – so why not start tomorrow? Creating an enjoyable morning routine is definitely a series of trial and error. It’s not realistic to follow every moment of “that girl” on your feed – you may need to switch it up a few times before you find the one that fits you and your schedule. Just like gr8nola, your morning routine can be versatile, exciting, and still healthy. We’re confident that, with the right perspective, you will soon be falling asleep excited at the thought of waking up the next morning.