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8 Trader Joe’s Products That Pair Perfectly With gr8nola

 8 Trader Joe’s Products That Pair Perfectly With gr8nola
8 Trader Joe’s Products That Pair Perfectly With gr8nola

It’s no secret that we love a gr8 Trader Joe’s haul. With fresh, clean eats, refreshing drinks and tasty snacks in all kinds of fun flavors, there are more than a few items for everyone’s grocery list! We put together a list of TJ’s finds that pair perfectly with our clean ingredient superfood granola for the gr8est clean eat combos. 

Read on for eight Trader Joe’s products that pair perfectly with gr8nola, and as always, stay #hungryforgr8ness!

1. Vegan Banana Bread With Walnuts

Trade Joe's Vegan Banana Bread with Walnuts

Slather a thick layer of almond butter on top of a slice of this soft and fluffy banana bread, then sprinkle a handful of Cinnamon Chai gr8nola on top for an antioxidant-packed superfood crunch.

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2. Cashew Butter Cashews

Trader Joe's Cashew Butter Cashews

Make your own homemade sweet-and-salty trail mix by combining our OG gr8nola (made with whole almonds and honey) with these honey-roasted cashews in a thick layer of creamy cashew butter. Throw them in a small portable container for easy for on-the-go snacking!

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3. Freeze Dried Strawberries

Trader Joe's Freeze Dried Strawberries

These delightfully crunchy and blissfully sweet berries can be perfectly paired with our chocolate-y Cacao Crisp gr8nola for a chocolate-covered-strawberry granola trail mix. 

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4. Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative

Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative

This dreamy, creamy dairy-free yogurt alternative is made with organic crushed cashews and coconut cream, with added live and active probiotics for gut health benefits. We suggest you make a silky smooth parfait or yogurt bowl by combining this vegan-friendly yogurt with layers of our Golden Spice gr8nola

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5. Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Trader Joe's Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

We scream, you scream, we all scream for NICE cream! This vegan friendly frozen dessert is made with a creamy coconut milk base with added boba tapioca pearls and Assam black tea. Scoop up this delicious version of your fave milk tea, and top with our activated charcoal-infused Black Coco Chia gr8nola for a gorgeous (and detoxifying) treat!

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6. Almond, Cashew & Macadamia Nut Beverage

Trader Joe's Almond, Cashew & Macadamia Nut Beverage

Here’s a combo you’ll go nuts for: this silky smooth, dairy-free, nutty milk made with fragrant almond, buttery cashew and creamy macadamia nuts, poured over a big bowl of our ashwagandha-infused PB gr8nola

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7. Oat Chocolate Bars

Trader Joe's Oat Chocolate BarsChocolate bars made with creamy oat milk + Cacao Crisp gr8nola = the ultimate (or oa-ltimate?) decadent chocolate combo! Whether you chop up the chocolate bar and mix it into your granola, or you melt the chocolate and make our go-to Almond Granola Clusters recipe, there are a ton of ways you can combine these luscious chocolate bars with our crunchy superfood granola.

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8. Vegan Brioche Loaf

Vegan Brioche Loaf

Turn things up a notch on #toasttuesday by toasting a slice of this rich, fluffy and buttery vegan-friendly brioche, and topping it with cashew butter and our Cinnamon Chai gr8nola, banana slices and your favorite berries.