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8 Travel Snacks Healthy Eaters Swear By

 Travel Healthy Snacks
Travel Healthy Snacks

Bad news this travel season: Research shows that 49 percent of airports in the U.S. charge more for food. Besides the price jump, a lot of the extra salty snacks and bags of candy in that Hudson News can leave your mood out of whack by the end of your flight.

As travelers and snack devotees, at gr8nola, we’re in tune with the hottest, healthiest snacks that still travel great in your carry-on. We’re highlighting some of our favorite picks that keep us fueled when we’re on-the-go—especially for those long flights where you want to step off the plane feeling refreshed and ready to go.

1. Bare Snacks and Peeled Snacks

Chocolate that won’t leave you with a sugar crash? Sign us up. While Bare Snacks has dozens of delicious options to choose from, like Cinnamon Apple fruit chips or Chia + Flax Coconut Bites, our favorite are the Chocolate Coconut Chips. They’re made with coconut nectar as a sweetener, and are vegan to boot!

Another gr8 option is Peeled Snacks, which has all kinds of tasty, organic and gluten-free snacks to munch on, including a whole line of dried fruit that doesn’t add any refined sugars or sweeteners. Their Much-Ado-About-Mango flavor always has our mouths watering!

2. Fruit and Nut Butters

Sure, fruit and nut butters are awesome on gluten-free toast—but try Crazy Richard’s Squeeze Packs for an easy-to-eat, filling snack. Even better? You can enjoy these butters minus the messy spoon! If you’re looking for other choices, stick to brands that are just nuts and without any added refined sugars to maximize those mood-boosting, energizing powers.

3. Popcorn

Now’s the perfect time to curl up with popcorn and that (in-flight) movie you’ve been meaning to watch. Live Love Pop has two of our favorites. Truffle Salt Popcorn tastes like a treat but without the calories, and it’s almost impossible to believe the delicious Cheddar & Sour Cream is vegan!

We also love Lesser Evil, which has a gr8 Himalayan Pink flavor that uses one of our favorite ingredients, coconut oil! (You can shop smaller, travel-friendly bags on Amazon.)

4. Energy Bars

Energy bars are some of the most overpriced snacks in airports and are often loaded with extra sugars, artificial ingredients and things you can’t pronounce, but good news: We have healthy favorites. Both GoMacro and Square Bar have great flavors that taste amazing and use clean ingredients. Plus, they’re both plant-based snacks.

You can also whip up your own health bars using gr8nola, like these delicious gr8nola Matcha Energy Bars and take them on-the-go!

5. Pre-Packaged Salads

Craving something fresh but don’t feel like prepping before your flight? Head to your local supermarket and grab a pre-made salad. It’s light, tasty and TSA-friendly! Just be careful about dressing—or when in doubt, our tip is to omit. One of our pre-approved favorites is Trader Joe’s Curried Cauliflower Quinoa Salad (don’t forget to take a fork!).

6. gr8nola

Not to toot our own horn, but gr8nola’s resealable mini packs make it easy to grab and go, and because all of our gr8nola is free of dairy, soy and refined sugar, it gives you a delicious bite without sacrificing your wellness routine during the airport hustle. Even better is that you can sample all four gr8nola flavors … maybe one for every layover?

7. DIY Trail Mix

There are tons of processed trail mixes out there, loaded with extra sugar and stuff your body doesn’t need. Beat the post-flight bloat by mixing your own! Grab a handful of dried fruit, like cherries and blueberries for antioxidants, some Original gr8nola and nuts like cashews for treat that’s healthy with every handful. It’s at-home-prep that’s quick and easy!

8. Greens On-the-Go

Sometimes you want to nosh on your servings of veggies and greens but don’t have time to chop fresh veggies. We love Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powders for greens on the run. Mix the Lemon Lime into your drink of choice for a boost of energy (thanks to caffeine from matcha and yerba mate), or try their fizzy tabs, which can easily be added to a bottle of water to get your daily greens in.

With a little pre-planning, trust us: Your body and your wallet will thank you on your next travel day.

Your turn: What’s your favorite healthy travel snack that keeps you full on the go? Let us know!

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