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9 Creative & Clean Matcha Recipes

 Chocolate Matcha Bars by Be Good Organics
Chocolate Matcha Bars by Be Good Organics

Adding matcha to your diet can be pretty simple, and your classic matcha green tea can be whipped up in a matter of minutes -- but wouldn’t you agree that it’s much more fun to find creative ways to add this gorgeous green superfood into your diet?

We usually choose to sneak matcha into our everyday snacking with some Matcha Green Tea gr8nola, but we decided to also share a few of our favorite alternative ways to add matcha to your diet.  Below are some creative matcha recipes so you can get your superfoods in, while chowing down on some truly delicious treats.

1. Gr8nola Matcha Granola Energy Bars

Matcha Green Tea Gr8nola Energy Bars

It’s no secret that matcha is a great way to source energy without the jitters of coffee. Boost your energy levels with a matcha-infused energy bar made with Matcha Green Tea gr8nola that’s sweetened naturally with maple syrup and dates. These bars are a great way to kickstart your morning, or as an afternoon pick-me-up snack.

Try the Recipe: Gr8nola Matcha Granola Energy Bars

2. Instant Matcha Mint Latte

Instant Matcha Mint Latte

Source: Be Good Organics 

5 ingredients, 5 minute prep time: This vegan recipe might be our new morning brew. Try swapping out your morning cup of java for a homemade matcha mint latte -- your brain will thank you! Not only does matcha aid in brain function and mental focus, it also boosts your energy and mood. A drop of peppermint oil seals the deal to make this a truly energizing and rejuvenating drink.

Try the Recipe: Instant Matcha Mint Latte

3. Raw Matcha Brownies

Raw Matcha Brownies

Source: One Green Planet

These gorgeous gluten-free and vegan brownies need only 10 ingredients and zero bake time! A creamy matcha coconut butter layer sits on top of a decadent chocolate layer made with superfood raw cacao. Super fudgy and sweetened just right with maple syrup and medjool dates. Talk about some serious superfood sweets!

Try the Recipe: Raw Matcha Brownies

4. Vegan Matcha Truffles

Vegan Matcha Truffles

These nutrient-dense, decadent matcha truffles look downright addicting. With a wholesome ingredient list and no refined sugar, you can let go of the guilt as you reach for a second (and third…and get it). Top with some Coco Cacao gr8nola for some added antioxidant crunch!

Try the Recipe: Vegan Matcha Truffles

5. Tropical Matcha Smoothie

Tropical Matcha Smoothie

Get ready for some tropical green vibes when you whip up this green smoothie boosted with avocado, matcha and spinach. With some added plant-based performance powder, you will be loaded up with just the right amount of carbs, healthy fats and protein to tackle your day ahead. It’s no wonder green means go!

Try the Recipe: Tropical Matcha Smoothie

6. Matcha Chocolate Bars

Matcha Chocolate Bars

Source: Be Good Organics 

Talk about true plant-based simplicity! These vegan and paleo friendly chocolate bars can be prepped in under 10 minutes. The combination of matcha and cacao makes these bars an antioxidant-packed treat that stores well in the freezer. Make them ahead and take them to-go, or sprinkle them with more matcha powder and bring them to your next #girlboss get-together. 

Try the Recipe: Matcha Chocolate Bars

7. Yourlixir Superfood Matcha Parfait

Yourlixir Superfood Matcha Parfait

The beauty of this vegan matcha parfait is that it can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack or as dessert. Feel free to indulge in this superfood delight at any time of day! The base is a creamy coconut milk matcha chia pudding, and the fluffy whipped topping is a whipped coconut cream. The parfait is topped off with poms and Matcha Green Tea gr8nola, so that crunchy can meet creamy with every bite.

Try the Recipe: Yourlixir Superfood Matcha Parfait

8. Matcha Crêpes

Matcha Crêpes

Source: One Green Planet 

Whip these superfood crêpes up next weekend for a ridiculously insta-worthy clean eats brunch! Colorful, fluffy, dairy-free and vegan -- these crêpes are easy on the eyes and on the belly, and are sweetened with coconut sugar. You may even be able to skip your morning cappuccino thanks to the matcha infusion in every bite.

Try the Recipe: Matcha Crêpes

9. Vegan Matcha Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars

Vegan Matcha Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars

Source: AIYA 

The only thing better than a big bowl of nice cream is a chocolate-covered nice cream bar! Creamy matcha ice cream made from coconut milk and coconut cream is dipped in vegan chocolate, and we are already asking ourselves why we don’t have a batch in the freezer to go grab right now. One batch yields nine bars, and makes for an absolutely heavenly way to get your superfoods in.

Try the Recipe: Vegan Matcha Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars