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#GirlBoss Tips To Achieve Gr8ness In Health & Life

 6 Tips to Achieve Gr8ness In Life
6 Tips to Achieve Gr8ness In Life

To celebrate Women's Health Week, we share #girlboss-approved advice on how to push through obstacles and have a hunger for gr8ness in not only your health, but in life. Get ready to be inspired by real tips from real women in our community, ranging from Olympians to corporate gurus, founders and CEO moms.

1. Lia Neal, Olympic Swimmer

Team USA Olympic Swimmer Lia Neal


“I recently came across this mantra, ‘The things you give your attention to are the things you give your energy to.’ Do with that as you will to get the most out of your life.” -Lia Neal, Bronze & Silver Medalist

2. Chriselle Lim, Digital Influencer & Founder

Chriselle Lim on Achieving Gr8ness


“Learn from others! Whether it’s connecting with people within your community, reaching out to people you admire, or simply learning from books and podcasts, it’s important to seek opportunities to learn. In my opinion, if you are continuously growing and learning, you are achieving gr8ness.” -Chriselle Lim, Stylist, Digital Influencer & Founder of The Chriselle Factor and Cinc Studios

3.  Cortni Joyner, Hollywood Trainer & Ex-Pro Soccer Player

Cortney Joyner on Achieving Gr8ness


“I think the best things come from just being good to the people around you and doing your best work. It guess it sounds sort of ‘reach for the stars’ cliche, but it’s what I believe. I don’t believe ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ or ‘hustle never sleeps’ or whatever else is out there implying that if you’re not killing yourself slowly, you’re not grinding. Work hard, have fun, and be a good human. That’s the grind I’m interested in.” -Cortni Joyner, Hollywood Trainer, Ex-Pro Soccer Player

4. Antonella & Desirée, Co-Founders of Yourlixir

Yourlixir Founders on Achieving Gr8ness


“Achieving gr8ness begins with your mindset! Keep focused and positive. Set goals for yourself and knock ‘em off the list as you go. Most importantly, take care of your health because, without it, nothing else matters!”  -Antonella & Desirée, Co-Founders of Yourlixir

5. Linette Kim, L’Oreal Fashionista & Marketing Guru

Linette Kim on Achieving Gr8ness


“Trust your gut. Your intuition is your north star, and you can’t go too far astray if you learn to listen to it.” -Linette Kim, L’Oreal Fashionista & Marketing Guru

6. Kara Lynn Joyce, Olympic Swimmer

Kara Lynn Joyce on Achieving Gr8ness


“This might sound cliche but it's so true if you want to achieve gr8ness: ‘Don't quit once things start to get hard. It just means you're getting closer and that you are growing as a person!’” -Kara Lynn Joyce, 4-Time Silver Medalist