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Linette Kim Shares How She Turned a Dream Into a Reality

 Linette Kim
Linette Kim

From small town to big city, Linette Kim shows us how you can achieve gr8 things.

Growing up in Pleasanton, California (a suburb just outside of San Francisco), Linette Kim has had the quintessential “small town girl” dream of living in New York someday. But, little did she know she would turn that dream into a reality.

Studying Psychology and Sociology at UCLA, Kim first worked with kids post-college in Los Angeles. But after a few years, her affinity for fashion and beauty consumed her. In 2010 she decided it was time take the leap and try something new. She bought a one-way ticket to New York City and has been living in Manhattan ever since.

Now, the Director of Digital Marketing at CeraVe US, a L'Oreal brand, and The Chriselle Factor contributor, Kim shares how hard work and listening to her gut led her to achieve gr8ness.

What Drew You to L’Oreal?

Linette Kim: I worked in fashion while I lived in LA for a few years after college. Just before making the big move to the east coast, I had the great fortune of meeting Michelle Phan. She had told me about a secret project she was working on with L’Oreal, and we kept in touch. The thought of having the opportunity to work at the number one beauty company in the world was thrilling. I was fortunate to have joined the EM Michelle Phan Cosmetics project with the most incredible women as my first brand at L’Oreal.

How Did You Grow Within L’Oreal?

LK: L’Oreal is a dynamic, competitive, fast-paced corporate workplace. It is not for the weary of heart. That being said, I learned through my mentors that I also did not have to be ‘cut-throat’ to be successful. I understood the importance of building a strong network, investing in others, and the delicate balance of being firm and compassionate. All of this, as well as working my butt off — let’s be honest!

How Did You Begin Working With The Chriselle Factor?

LK: Chriselle and I have been best friends since childhood — we grew up in the same church. She had asked me to be a guest contributor on the topic of career women, and I loved sharing my insights with her community.

How Has It Been to Work With Chriselle?

LK: Ever since we were little, Chris has been a hustler. She always inspires me and pushes me to have big visions. Any chance I get to work with her and her team is fantastic and not to mention a hoot!

How Did Your Upbringing Help You in Your Career Path?

LK: My parents are Korean immigrants, so growing up I knew that working hard meant rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. I have always had this mentality, no matter what role or position. If you want to rise the ranks, you need to put in the work.

What’s Your Number One Tip for Anyone Who Wants to Achieve Gr8ness in Their Lives?

LK: Trust your gut. Your intuition is your north star, and you can’t go too far astray if you learn to listen to it.

What do you do to achieve gr8ness? Let us know!

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