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8 Gr8 Female Founded Clean Snacks You Need To Try

 8 Gr8 Female Founded Clean Snacks You Need To Try
8 Gr8 Female Founded Clean Snacks You Need To Try

As a female-founded brand, we love learning about the unique journeys of other female founders in the food space. While there are WAY more women to champion than are on this list, we decided to put together a list of eight gr8 female-founded clean snacks to celebrate and champion on our wellness journey.

Read on for all the details, and as always, stay #hungryforgr8ness.

1. Deux


Vegan and gluten-free cookie dough? Say. Less. Snag some on your next Whole Foods excursion, or visit their site to stock up!

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2. Nutpods


These dairy-free creamers are the ultimate staple for clean coffee lovers. With fun flavors like Coconut Macaroon and Vanilla Caramel, there’s a creamer for all java cravings.

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3. Wanna Date?

Wanna Date?

Smooth and creamy date vegan spreads to sweeten up your snacks. We’re obsessed with the cinnamon date spread (it’s delish paired with coconut yogurt and Cinnamon Chai gr8nola!), and the Birthday Cake Dat Dough.

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4. Hemp Love

Hemp Love

These organic, sustainably sourced chocolates are infused with superfood hemp seeds and come in insanely creative and delicious flavors like Lavender Salt & Hemp Seed Crunch and Mint & Hemp Seed Crunch.

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5. Swoon


Quench your thirst with iced tea and lemonade made with zero sugar. Swoon is made with monk fruit (just like gr8nola!) and contains 100% of your Daily Vitamin C needs!

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6. Byte Bars

Byte Bars

Vegan and gluten-free bars made with superfood ingredients and healthy fats such as MCT oil, cherries, peanut butter and more. Keep an eye out for the vibrant and bright packaging on the shelves!

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7. Maya’s Cookies

Maya’s Cookies

Soft and chewy plant-based cookies that you can feel great about purchasing. Subscribe to the Cookie Love Club for a sweet subscription box!

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8. Miyoko’s Creamery

Miyoko’s Creamery

The one-stop-shop for all your dairy-free vegan needs. Plant-based butter, cream cheese, cheese spread and more – talk about vegan swaps at their best!

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