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8 Gr8 Working Moms We Admire

 8 Gr8 Working Moms We Admire
8 Gr8 Working Moms We Admire

These incredible working moms are a gr8 source of inspiration, tips, storytelling (of the good, the bad, the ups and the downs), recommendations and lifestyle advice. Motherhood is a TON of work, and these boss mamas share their balancing act as working moms – while being kind enough to share with the rest of us!

Check them out below, and as always, stay #hungryforgr8ness!

1. Lauren from @workingmommagic

Lauren from @workingmommagic

Lauren is a mother of two who worked in TV news for 15 years before making the career change to public relations! She shares everything from crafts for kiddos to parenting, fitness, recipes and more.

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2. Marisa from @letmamaworkit

Marisa from @letmamaworkit

Marisa hosts an awesome Let Mama Work It podcast, where she hosts various working mamas for gr8 convos about values, resources, priorities, and career choices in motherhood. We love her “Time MOMagement” and “Biz MOMagement” strategies!

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3. Danielle Jones from Mama Doctor Jones

Danielle Jones from Mama Doctor Jones

ObGyn Physician Danielle Jones, MD FACOG keeps things real on her Instagram and YouTube channel with conversations around all the physical aspects of motherhood, and plenty of answers to the many questions that mamas might have!

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4. Tenille from @puremomblog 

Tenille from @puremomblog

Tenille is an artist, writer and mother to a daughter who shares her holistic healthy family lifestyle with pure intentions. She has created an online community that connects women through their unity of motherhood.

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5. Erin from @themommingworker

Erin from @themommingworker

Erin is a working mom of three from Boston, who shares fun and relatable family content and working mom tips, while being an avid mental health advocate.

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6. Lauren from @laurengoldenfreemama

Lauren from @laurengoldenfreemama

Lauren is a speaker, bestselling author and mama of three. She is the founder of @thefreemama, a community that connects mothers and empowers women to live awesome, guilt-free lives. 

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7. Sopha from @sopharush

Sopha from @sopharush

Sopha is a boy mama in Dallas, TX, founder of @livedeeplyrooted and co-host of @momsactually podcast, a place where motherhood meets sisterhood!

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8. Elyse from @elysethemomtherapist

Elyse from @elysethemomtherapist

Elyse Shull, MS PMH-C LPC is a mother of three who uses her expertise as a therapist to share mental health tips for motherhood and pregnancy.

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