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Health Tips for the Holiday Season

 Holiday Health Tips - Image: Brian Chan (Unsplash)
Holiday Health Tips - Image: Brian Chan (Unsplash)

The holiday season is quickly approaching and sometimes those healthy habits that we’ve built throughout the year are simply forgotten. 

Let’s also not forget that this holiday season may look a little different. Fewer business parties and smaller gatherings and get-togethers and either way, that is OK. 

Here are some of our top tips for making it through the holiday season without the stress of having all your progress go to waste. 

1. Choose options that you want to eat and drink

There will be numerous spreads and trays of foods with some things you like to eat and some that you do not. If you don’t really care for that particular food, don’t put it on your plate. Fill your plate up with those that you actually like and enjoy! 

Mindful Tip: Take a deep breath before you get started & don’t rush. Just because your plate is full of your favorites does not mean you need to devour it in 2.1 minutes. Take a deep breath before you start (this helps you to be aware of what is in front of you) and then take your time. Enjoy your conversation with friends and family and put down your fork between the meals. This way it lasts a little longer, maybe closer to 15-20 minutes even. These mindful tips are something that you can work on within Ate as well, to help you build those better mindful habits around food. 

2. Plan Ahead 

Going into a holiday event and don’t know what will await you? Plan ahead and bring your favorite appetizers or bring a dish (the host probably will not be disappointed that there is more food on the table). This allows you to have an ease of mind and to know that there is something that you will enjoy. This is especially great if you have a food intolerance or allergy! 

Mindful Tip: If you do not have a chance to bring something, and you find yourself eating a little more than planned or eating things that are Off-path, that ONE meal will not ruin your progress! It’s the habit of having many Off-path meals that are the bigger issue. 

3. Don’t overdo it. 

If you have many deadlines and events coming up in these final months, be ok with saying “Yes” and learning to say “No” as well. 

Saying “No” can be difficult but don’t overschedule yourself. You may want to be present at many events, but that might not be the best for your overall health. Remember, health is mental, physical and emotional so make sure you are taking care of all three even during the holidays! 

Mindful Tip: Saying “No” is a form of self-care. If you’d rather spend some time at home during this busy time and watching Netflix and being in PJs, then by all means choose that. If you are only saying “yes” because you feel like you have to be there, then don’t say yes. When you’re in the comfort of your own home and doing what you truly want to do, you end up making some better decisions both around food and not around food. Here are some other habits that you can work on too that are not all food related. 


With the holidays coming up, don’t find yourself overwhelmed.

You can get through the holidays all while practing your mindful habits, even use Ate to journal those great meals that you are eating and practice your habit building that you’ve worked on throughout the year too! You can still enjoy this time all while taking care of yourself too! Happy holidays! 


About the Author: Esther Mehesz is a content writer for Ate - the mindful food journaling app. Ate helps you to track what you ate, why you ate, and how it made you feel instead of calories. With Ate, enjoy life again by rebuilding your relationship with food one meal at a time.