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Superfood Health Benefits of Turmeric

 Superfood Health Benefits of Turmeric
Superfood Health Benefits of Turmeric

Our friends at Yourlixira superfood company serving up multi-functional powders in single serving packets, are here to give you the rundown on turmeric through this featured guest post and why you’ll absolutely want to include them in your daily routine! Turmeric is one of our highlighted superfood ingredients in our new Golden Turmeric gr8nola — and we are excited to share all its benefits with you. 

About Turmeric

Turmeric: the golden spice of India that has circumnavigated around the world, spreading its potent and earthy goodness into everything, from lattes to healthy granolas (Yes, you can use turmeric in more than just curry!) This ancient Ayurvedic medicine has long since been used by India to treat a variety of ailments and health conditions, as well as being used to add a bold and aromatic flavor to many popular dishes in traditional cooking, and even the natural dyeing of fabrics and leather.

Turmeric is derived from the curcuma longa plant, where the root is extracted, boiled and dried before grating into a fine powder. Turmeric can be utilized in its raw form, but there are many more ways to enjoy it when used as a dry spice. Most commonly, turmeric powder is used in food, but consumers have quickly realized the myriad of beneficial applications this multi-functional plant has. Today, you’ll find it not only in smoothies and snacks, but detoxifying face masks, hair and bath products and even teeth whitening remedies. What once only seemed like a foreign spice is now taking the health and wellness industry by storm.

Turmeric Root Powder

Turmeric Benefits 

Turmeric for healthy skin

In India, tumeric has been used as a traditional topical beauty treatment for tending to acne, psoriasis, and purifying the skin for a natural, healthy glow. The compounds found in this soothing root, eases inflammation, which is particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic skin conditions. The application also speeds up healing time for wounds and helps to repair the damaged skin.

Turmeric for cancer

Researchers have discovered that preemptively including turmeric in your daily diet can prevent metastases of certain types of cancer and even make cancer cells more accessible to chemo and radiotherapy. In some cases, it can not only hinder some forms of cancer, but eliminate them altogether. 

Turmeric for first-aid

Forget Neosporin and Bactine, a turmeric paste can be used as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, perfect for disinfecting cuts and burns, clotting blood at the site of a wound and expediting healing time by reducing inflammation and repairing damaged cells.

Turmeric for weight management

The curcuminoids in turmeric may aid in fat metabolism and help in weight management by preventing the accumulation of fat in body tissues and a decrease in inflammation.

Turmeric for detoxifying

Turmeric is a natural liver detoxifier. Some people make their liver work harder for them than others, but the point being, it’s one of the most important organs in the body for detoxifying your system. With the aid of turmeric, you can lower inflammation, cleanse the blood and breakdown fats that store toxins.

Turmeric for whitening teeth

Turmeric is a natural teeth whitener! It’s rich, yellow hue and traditional use as a natural dye may not suggest such a thing at first thought, but it is, in fact, true. You can try making a homemade paste using coconut oil and turmeric powder.

Turmeric for antioxidants

Antioxidants are a highly sought after commodity in wellness for their incredible age-defying, immune boosting properties that block the oxidizing capabilities of metals in the body and fight free radicals, furthermore stimulating the body's very own antioxidant functions. This means you are much less susceptible to disease, tumors, cancer and the effects of time - aging!

Turmeric for inflammation

Turmeric works as a phenomenal all-natural, anti-inflammatory that is great for skin, as well as substituting anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the common side effects. Because of this, turmeric is a more safe and cost effective treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Turmeric for brain function

Curcumin boosts levels of the brain hormone BDNF, which fights multiple degenerative issues in the brain and increases the production of new neuro activity. It also lowers the onset and effects of Alzheimer's disease when taken on a daily basis. Studies have shown that the Alzheimer rate of people in India aged 70-79 is less than a quarter of those affected by it in the United States, which may be attributed to their daily intake of spices such as turmeric.

Turmeric for immune health

Whether it’s flu season or not, we can all benefit from a well-supported immune system. Taking turmeric on a daily basis helps ward off those nasty viruses with its bioactive compounds, rich in vitamin B, C and E, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, fibers, proteins and more.

*Pro tip: Take turmeric with black pepper to increase the absorbability by 2,000% in the body.



Yourlixir is a superfood company serving up multi-functional powders in single serving packets, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!  The founders, Antonella and Desirée, have created this nutritional solution to wellness through their own personal health journeys over the past few decades and share their firsthand knowledge and tips on how to live the best version of you, each and every day!