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6 Delicious Granola Recipes (That Aren’t Smoothie Bowls!)

 Delicious Paleo Waffles
Delicious Paleo Waffles

We’ve all been there: You’re throwing breakfast together or scrambling for a snack that tastes delicious and makes you feel gr8, but you’re tired of the same-old, same-old. After all, there’s only so many ways to make a smoothie bowl or yogurt-and-granola, right? 

Given that gr8nola is a healthy snack all on its own, sometimes it’s easier to just grab a bag and go (we confess to keeping our Sampler 4-Pack at our desks 24/7), but what if you want something a little more complex?

After seeing all the fun ways our awesome customers have incorporated gr8nola into their daily eats—from adding it to toasts to using it as crust for healthy desserts—we've rounded up six of our favorite recipes. How do you like to eat gr8nola? Share your recipes in the comments!

1. For When You Want a Lazy Sunday Breakfast: Paleo Waffles

Shout out to @choosing_balance on Instagram for this Paleo waffle recipe we’re dying to try: These waffles are sweet and savory, and since they’re made with so many whole, unprocessed foods this is one breakfast indulgence you can feel great about.

You can check out an ingredients list here, but to sum it up: Grab a grain-free pancake mix, then add on dairy-free chocolate chips, your favorite gr8nola flavor, banana (or your fave fruit) and maybe a little nut butter for good measure!

Delicious Paleo Waffles

2. For All Your Sweet Tooth Needs: Raw Cashew Chocolate Cherry Cups

When we found this recipe from @briewilly using gr8nola in 2017, we flipped. A healthy chocolate cup? Sign. Us. Up. Luckily, we posted the whole recipe here, but here’s a little overview: You’ll need pitted dates, chocolate chips, ½ cup of walnuts, maple syrup, cashews, coconut butter and oil and of course, ½ cup of our OG gr8nola.

Raw Cashew Chocolate Cherry Cups

3. For When You Need a Snack to Bring to the Party: Dark Chocolate Chip Gr8nola Bark

The only thing better than a great treat is one you can share. This Dark Chocolate Chip Gr8nola Bark from Valerie Fidan is an easy five-step recipe that’s a surefire crowd favorite: Click here for the step-by-step breakdown, but you’ll need Greek yogurt, coconut manna, cinnamon, vanilla bean paste, liquid stevia, chocolate chips, gr8nola and sea salt. Best served cold, this bark is a gr8 summer snack!

Dark Chocolate Chip Granola Bark

4. For When You Want gr8nola for Dinner: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Who says gr8nola is only a breakfast food? We’re down for this combination of sweet and savory 24/7: Superfood company Yourlixer shared this fantastic lunch or dinner recipe with us. Click here for instructions, but here’s what you’ll need: Sweet potatoes, butter (or your favorite butter substitute!), salt, pepper, shallots, garlic, sage, turmeric powder and our Golden Turmeric gr8nola. Nothing better than a warm dish like this at the end of a long day!

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

5. For When You Need a Staple: gr8nola Avocado Toast

#ToastTuesday, anyone? This easy-to-throw-together snack is an awesome energy boost. Simply grab your favorite kind of bread, slice up an avocado and load the top down with gr8nola. Our personal favorite for this recipe—Golden Turmeric! Thanks for the inspo, @milknhoneynutrition!

gr8nola avocado toast

6. For When You Want the Filling and the Sweetness: gr8nola Bagel Sandwich

Take your favorite bagels and give them a slice. Slather each half in peanut butter and add on either our Original or Coco Cacao gr8nola depending on your other toppings. Throw on some sliced banana or strawberries, and maybe even a handful of dairy-free chocolate chips. You could also make this sandwich with a savory spin using avocado, sliced peppers and Original or Turmeric gr8nola for a perfect lunch or evening snack!

Bagel sandwich

Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, or sometime in between, gr8nola has you covered with recipes that make you feel great from the inside out—giving you the energy, confidence and health to tackle whatever comes your way.