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6 Kid-Tested (Mom Approved) Recipes

 6 Kid-Tested (Mom-Approved) Recipes
6 Kid-Tested (Mom-Approved) Recipes

These 6 homemade treats will stop hunger-induced tantrums in their tracks and help power your precious kiddos through their days. These recipes offer the perfect healthy combo: a touch of fiber, a dash of sweet and a whole lot of nutrients.

These recipes are simple to make and much healthier than store-bought, processed foods -- even the pickiest of eaters will look forward to snacktime! Best of all? Your child’s sweet tooth and tummy will both be happy -- and so will you.

1. Coated Bananas Bites

Coated Bananas Bites


Chop up and dunk a potassium-rich banana into your favorite nut butter or raw honey to create a gooey treat that your kids are guaranteed to love. You can add a delicious crunch by sprinkling your coated banana bites with your favorite
gr8nola flavor. The creamy and crunchy texture contrast makes these a fan-favorite for all ages!

Make snack time fun by cutting a banana into 2-inch chunks and serving on wooden popsicle sticks.

2. Greek Yogurt Popsicles

Greek Yogurt Ice Pops

As summer quickly approaches, your children -- and their playmates -- will start digging through the freezer for a frozen goodie to beat the heat. Store-bought ice pops are high in sugar, chock-full of dyes and artificial additives and offer little nutrients. Why not make your own?

For clean pops, puree fresh fruit with plain greek yogurt and agave. Pour into a popsicle mold, top with Coco Cacao gr8nola, and freeze overnight. Switch up your fruit pairings with the seasons -- the options are endless!

3. Apple-of-My-Eye Granola Pudding

Granola Pudding

Source: My Nourished Home

Need a dessert for your munchkin to look forward to after dinner? This easy-to-make apple pudding does the trick! FYI: gr8nola serves as a great -- and nutritious -- dessert crust.

This 15-minute recipe is perfect for the busy, working mom, and is sure to surprise and delight the whole family. For a dairy-free alternative, use almond flour and coconut milk. Garnish with a slice of apple and a rolled wafer cookie to transform this simple pudding into a first-class treat.

4. Granola & Dried Fruit Bar

Granola Bars

Source: Minimalist Baker

Raise the bar when it comes to quick-grab snacks -- after all, eating healthy shouldn’t slow you down! These vegan and gluten-free bars are the perfect travel solution, fueling your family everywhere from hikes to summer road trips. Packed with healthy nutrients, they also make a smart choice as a quick fuel before t-ball or swim practice.

These granola bars require only five ingredients: dates, agave, almond butter, unsalted almonds and of course, your favorite gr8nola! Customize with your favorite dried fruit or dark chocolate chips to make them your very own.

5. Blueberry Granola Muffins

Blueberry Muffins

Running late in the morning? We get it. It can be a real challenge to get everyone out the door on time and still manage to eat something healthy -- that’s why we had to add a breakfast staple to this list.

A wholesome muffin is the perfect compliment to your morning cup of coffee or tea. Skip the coffee shop lines and make your own batch of muffins boosted with superfood blueberries. Bake these blueberry muffins the night before, or stash them in the freezer so that you never miss a healthy breakfast -- even when you miss your alarm. These babies are also easy to pack in lunch boxes so that your little mini-me can munch on them at school, at summer camp or at soccer practice!

6. Chocolate PB Granola Cookies

Chocolate Granola Cookies

You didn’t really think we could make a kid-friendly list without including one cookie recipe did you? With these wholesome, clean ingredients, you won’t mind catching your child with a hand in the cookie jar.

Our OG gr8nola makes a flavorful substitute for flour in these dreamy chocolate cookies. With only four ingredients, this recipe keeps things nice and simple -- the way a cookie should be.