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7 Healthy Snacks For The Beach & Beyond

7 Healthy Snacks For The Beach & Beyond 7 Healthy Snacks for the Beach and Beyond

Beat the bloat and save money this summer by packing these seven wholesome snacks every time you hit the beach. Whether you’re strolling down the boardwalk or tailgating at the ballpark, eating healthy this summer will be a breeze if you pack these delicious clean eating snacks (and drinks) instead!

1. Watermelon


The quintessential summer snack. Cool, refreshing and hydrating, this wonder fruit is loaded with vitamin C and lycopene -- antioxidants that fight free radicals within your body. Watermelon is delicious on its own, but why not try making your own refreshing watermelon salad this summer? 

Slice up your watermelon, combine with cucumber and basil, then season with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. This Watermelon-Basil Salad is sure to upgrade your beach days this summer!

2. Gr8nola Energy Bars

Gr8nola Energy Bars

Gr8nola is delicious in any shape or form -- that’s why we’re bringing back our Matcha Green Tea Gr8nola Energy Bars. These super simple bars are easy to make and pack, featuring our very own Matcha Green Tea gr8nola. Whip up a batch of these to keep you fueled for your morning beach run!

Looking for more energy-packed snacks to munch on this summer? Our No-Bake Gr8nola Pumpkin Peanut Butter Energy Bites taste just like a cookie and are the perfect pick-me-up for those trail hikes with the family.

3. Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

chickpea salad sandwich by The Simple Veganista

Source: The Simple Veganista

A chickpea salad sandwich makes for a light, yet fulfilling meal. Fresh and full of flavor, these sandwiches by The Simple Veganista take only 15 minutes to prepare, so you’ll be out the door with a picnic-ready platter in no time!

Our pro tip? Substitute the bread with apple slices and the mayo for Trader Joe’s Organic Spicy Avocado Hummus.

4. Baked Fruit Chips

baked fruit and vegetable chips Bare Snacks

Craving something crunchy? Bare Snacks bakes real fruit and vegetables into chips you’ll love at first bite. 

The oil-free, vegan-friendly Strawberry Banana Chips are made with just those mentioned fruits. No additives! You’ll also want to try the irresistible Chocolate Coconut Chips -- their sweetened with coconut nectar, not the refined sugar you’d typically find in other dried fruit.

5. Chips & Guac

Siete chips

A guaranteed crowd pleaser, chips and guac is a fuss-free snack loaded with healthy fats.

Our favorite grain-free chip option is Siete, and if you’re a classic corn chip lover, then we suggest you try Late July’s Sea Salt & Lime Chips.

When it comes to guac, snag some of Whole Foods’ pre-made guacamole to skip the messy kitchen and get the fiesta started sooner. 

6. Veggies & Hummus 


Load up on healthy fats while getting your veggie fix in!

From Buffalo Bleu Hummus to Thai Coconut Curry and Kale Pesto Hummus, Hope Foods makes some seriously delicious hummus. They sell mini packs that are perfectly portable for your cooler -- it’s so good we won’t judge if you double dip! Just grab a bag of baby-cut carrots or celery sticks and you’re ready to hit the beach.

7. Drinks On Drinks

health ade kombucha

We all love water, but we think it’s important to pack a few flavored options to help you stay hydrated, without skimping flavor. 

We love Health Ade kombucha; our fave flavs include Pomegranate, California Grape and Bubbly Rose. GT’s Synergy in Tantric Turmeric, Gingerade and Watermelon Wonder are also must-try kombuchas.

Written By:

Kelsey Gaus

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