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8 Gr8 Ways To Eat Granola

8 Gr8 Ways To Eat Granola 8 Great Ways To Eat Granola

Granola. It’s a classic kitchen staple with open-ended creative potential. From snacking straight from the bag, to sprinkling it on top of toast, waffles, smoothie bowls and more, we think there are probably about a million gr8 ways you can use granola -- and we’re sharing some of our favorite ways with you!

Read on for eight fun ways to eat granola, and then share with us on social (@gr8nola) how you like to eat granola. Who knows, your creative concoctions might just get featured on our social media ;)

1. On Top Of A Smoothie Bowl

Ways to eat granola

Sprinkle some crunchy goodness on top of your next smoothie bowl, and thank us later! Bonus points if you use a superfood flavor like Black Coco Chia like @srunsforcake did here. ;)

2. In A Bowl With Milk

Ways to Eat Granola

Pour up a bowl of granola, add a splash of your favorite plant milk, and dig in for a healthy cereal remix that tastes like childhood.

3. Toast Topping

Ways to Eat Granola

Toast is twice as tasty when you top it with a handful of granola! Our suggestion: slather on a layer of yogurt or creamy nut butter, and sprinkle with fresh fruit and some OG gr8nola. Shoutout to @beckslivehealthy for the inspo!

4. In A Yogurt Cup

Ways to eat granola

Peel open a yogurt cup, and top it with granola and banana slices for an easy snack on the go. We love this workout fuel combo by @onechancenutrition!

5. Layer It In A Parfait

Ways to eat granola

Take your parfait game to the next level with layers of tasty ingredients like granola, yogurt, fresh berries, chocolate chips, coconut flakes and more. We’re drooling over this fresh combo by the one and only @briewilly!

6. Sprinkled On A Banana Split

Ways to eat granola

Turn a boring banana into a BONANZA split with rich and flavorful toppings! We love how @servingupsimplicity sprinkled everything but the kitchen sink onto her banana -- Including a healthy dose of Golden Spice gr8nola.

7. Pancakes & Waffles Topping

Ways to eat granola

Switch up your typical maple-syrup-and-butter breakfast toppings, and jazz up your pancakes and waffles with creamy nut butter, crunchy granola and sweet banana slices. Hey @vegarina_, can we come over for brunch?

8. Straight Outta The Bag

Ways to eat granola

Pop that bag open and get snackin’. Our standard bags of superfood gr8nola are a pantry staple, and our mini snack packs are perfectly portioned for on-the-go munchies. If only we looked as adorable as the @peterhbaer fam when we snack!

Have leftover granola sitting around? Check out this list of creative ways to use those crumbs at the bottom of your bag. :)

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