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8 Must-Try Vegan Holiday Snacks By Healthy Food Brands

 8 Must-Try Vegan Holiday Snacks By Healthy Food Brands
8 Must-Try Vegan Holiday Snacks By Healthy Food Brands

Joy to the (vegan) world! As seasonal holiday-flavored snacks pop up EVERYWHERE this time of year, it’s still hard to find themed snacks that are allergen-conscious and made with vegan-friendly ingredients. We curated a list of festive snacks by healthy food brands, so that you can stock up on all things peppermint chocolate, spiced chai, holiday nog, sugar cookies and more, without compromising your health needs. 

Now, bring us some (vegan-friendly) figgy pudding, and get your holiday cheer on!

1. Partake: Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Partake: Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and packed with red and green sprinkles, these tasty sugar cookies are fit for Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves!

Stock Up On Partake Vanilla Sugar Cookies

2. Health-Ade: Holiday Cheers Kombucha

Health-Ade: Holiday Cheers Kombucha

Sip and be merry with this refreshing kombucha with hints of ginger, cloves, allspice and chocolate -- while getting your probiotics in!

Stock up on Health-Ade Holiday Cheers Kombucha

3. Califia Farms: Holiday Nog

Califia Farms: Holiday Nog

Eggnog without the egg? AND without the dairy? This vegan nog is made with almond milk and rich with festive flavor.

Stock up on Califia Farms Holiday Nog

4. Gr8nola: Cinnamon Chai Granola

Gr8nola: Cinnamon Chai Granola

Snack on a handful of granola that tastes like a spiced gingersnap cookie. It’s no secret that our Cinnamon Chai gr8nola is packed with antioxidant chai spices, and tastes like a sweet and savory gingerbread house. 

Stock up on Gr8nola Cinnamon Chai Granola

5. Hail Merry: Sweet Potato Cups

Hail Merry: Sweet Potato Cups

An almond shortbread crust is filled to the brim with a festive cinnamon-spiced sweet potato filling. We’re drooling over these bite-sized sweet potato pies!

Stock up on Hail Merry Sweet Potato Cups

6. Hu Kitchen: Crunchy Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

Hu Kitchen: Crunchy Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

Mint chocolate is our JAM this time of year, so we just can’t resist when it comes to these decadent chocolate bars made with real peppermint oil and organic fair-trade cacao nibs.

Stock up on Hu Kitchen Crunchy Mint Chocolate Bars

7. DavidsTea: Baked Apple Chai Tea

DavidsTea: Baked Apple Chai Tea

Spiced cider meets warm and cozy chai tea in this festive holiday blend. Cozy up by the fireplace with a thick blanket and a warm mug of holiday tea, and sit back as sugarplum fairies dance in your head!

Stock up on DavidsTea Baked Apple Chai Tea

8. Good Karma: Holiday Nog

Good Karma: Holiday Nog

Raise a glass to dairy-free and eggless flax milk nog! Packed with omega-3’s and brimming with festive flavor, this is something you can toast to, all season long.

Stock up on Good Karma Holiday Nog