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Five Cozy Superfood Lattes To Spice Up Your Mornings

 Superfood Lattes
Superfood Lattes

Fall is here and chilly weather calls for warm, cozy drinks. That’s why we’ve gathered 5 latte recipes highlighting our favorite gr8nola superfood flavors. Trade-in that sugary Pumpkin Spice Latte and upgrade to a clean, delicious beverage that not only tastes good but is gr8 for your health!

1. Chai Tea Latte

Chai Tea Latte

We’ve been obsessing over everything chai this fall season -- I mean, who hasn’t tried Cinnamon Chai yet? We can't help but have chai lattes at the top of our list. Loaded with superfood spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves along with clean, antioxidant-packed black tea, this superfood latte will be at the top of your list too.

#JustChaiIt here.

2. Vegan Golden Milk

Vegan Golden Milk

We’ve been obsessing over this ancient Indian beverage and its anti-inflammatory health benefits all year-long. Make it a cozy autumn delight by warming up your favorite blend of plant-based milks and superfood spices cinnamon, ginger and turmeric for a blend that not only tastes good, but will have your skin glowing year-round.

Get the 5-minute recipe here.

3. Cosmic Charcoal Latte

Cosmic Charcoal Latte

We’re drooling over this mysterious black latte just in time for Halloween! Coupling the detoxifying superfood powers of activated charcoal and the medical properties of ginger, this sweet and spicy cosmic dream will have you feeling as gr8 as it looks.

Grab the deets here.

4. Cinnamon Matcha Latte 

Cinnamon Matcha Latte

Matcha, one of our favorite superfoods, just became dictionary official in time for fall! Let’s celebrate by whipping up this quick and easy matcha mug. Pairing together two superfoods, matcha will keep you energized throughout the day and and the medical properties of cinnamon will help ward off pesky colds so you can get the most out of the holidays this year!

Check out the recipe deets.

5. Collagen Maca Cacao Latte

Collagen Maca Cacao Latte

Looking for a clean twist on hot coco? Try this chocolate-y latte featuring a superfood cocktail of gut-healthy chia seeds, high-fiber coconut butter, skin healthy collagen, energizing maca and mood-boosting cacao. Rich in taste and health benefits, you’ll be reaching for this superfood mug every morning this fall.

Check out the recipe here.

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