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Superfood Turmeric Baked Peaches

 Superfood Turmeric Baked Peaches
Superfood Turmeric Baked Peaches

The scent of juicy peaches and cinnamon spice wafts through your kitchen. Is someone cooling a fresh baked peach pie by the windowsill? Nah. You’re simply baking these coconut sugar ‘n spice stuffed peaches, and they’re just about ready to be topped with creamy vanilla yogurt and drizzled with some sticky-sweet honey.

If it doesn’t already sound too good to be true, this superfood-stuffed baked peach recipe is made with our Golden Spice gr8nola so that you can reap the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits of this delicious spice while chowing down on some peachy keen goodness. We love this recipe because it’s not only dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free and made with only clean ingredients, but it can be devoured any time of day -- as breakfast OR dessert. If you swap out the honey for maple syrup, these babies are also vegan friendly! 

Golden Turmeric Baked Peaches

Superfood Turmeric Baked Peaches

Makes: 4 Peach Halves


Baked Peaches:

  • 2 peaches
  • 1 tsp. coconut oil
  • 2 tsp. coconut sugar
  • 2 Tbsp. Golden Spice gr8nola
  • ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp. turmeric (optional)


    Golden Superfood Turmeric Baked Peaches



    1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
    2. Wash the peaches, slice into halves and remove the cores. Place the halved peaches into a small baking dish.
    3. In a small bowl, melt the coconut oil.
    4. Add the coconut sugar, Golden Spice gr8nola, cinnamon and turmeric to the bowl, and mix until fully combined.
    5. Fill the center of each peach with the turmeric crumble filling.
    6. Bake for 25-35 minutes. The topping should be a golden brown and the peaches should be soft and juicy.
    7. Remove from oven, and allow to cool for 10 minutes.

      If desired, top with your favorite yogurt (we love dairy-free options like Forager Project Organic Cashewgurt and So Delicious Vanilla Coconutmilk Yogurt!). Drizzle with honey or maple syrup, and serve warm.

          Turmeric Baked Peaches

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