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5 Halloween-Inspired Charcoal Chia Bowls

5 Halloween-Inspired Charcoal Chia Bowls 5 Halloween-Inspired Charcoal Chia Bowls

It’s trendy, pretty and has detoxing benefits: Charcoal Chia.

Since our Charcoal Chia granola launch, we’ve loved seeing all the creative recipes our Instagram community has been putting together. Keep ‘em coming!

To get us in the spooky spirit of Halloween, we compiled a few of our favorite charcoal recipes that are fun, delicious and best of all, simple to create!

Ghosts in a Charcoal Granola Graveyard

Charcoal granola graveyard banana ghosts

How cute and creative are these banana ghosts sitting in a charcoal granola graveyard?

@servingupsimplicity certainly has our mouths watering for this treat! What’s in the dish? Charcoal chia granola, new @kweenandco pumpkin granola butter, banana ghosts (sliced in half long ways and then again short ways and added chocolate chips for eyes), and a @soozysmuffins chocolate muffin. Not only does this scream Halloween, it also tastes SO DANG GOOD!

Butternut Squash & Charcoal Chia

Charcoal granola sweet potato oat bowl

The fall colors of orange with the black hue of charcoal granola create a festive, Halloween mood to this bowl by @onecrazedfoodie.

Here are the breakfast deets: Crockpot @imperfectproduce butternut squash and dates, @goodfoodmadesimple steel cut oats, topped with sweet potato @soozysmuffins, our Charcoal Chia and a spoonful of @kweenandco granola butter!

Charcoal Chia Sweet Potato Yogurt Bowl

Charcoal granola sweet potato yogurt bowl

Shout out to @sweatysweetpotato for this creative, festive and scrumptious bowl.

All you need is roasted mashed sweet potato, @lovvelavva strawberry yogurt, @georgiagrinders cashew butter, our Charcoal Chia granola, chia seeds and bee pollen. This bowl is so satisfying, you’ll want to eat this all day, everyday.

Peanut Butter & Charcoal Chia Bowl

Charcoal Granola and Peanut Butter Bowl

Simple and delicious: PB & Charcoal Chia! When you're craving something simple, you can’t go wrong with this combo created by @crazyrichardspb. Whether you’re looking for breakfast or a quick snack, this will please your taste buds and your stomach.

Charcoal Chia Blueberry Banana Yogurt Bowl

Charcoal granola banana blueberry bowl

@edgarraw knows how to turn classic ingredients into a beautiful yet elegant bowl. Just use your favorite yogurt as the base, then top with sliced banana, Charcoal Chia gr8nola, blueberries and a sprinkle of chia seeds. 

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