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8 Gr8 Waffle & Pancake Recipe Roundup With Gr8nola

 8 Gr8 Waffle & Pancake Recipes With Gr8nola
8 Gr8 Waffle & Pancake Recipes With Gr8nola

Tired of the same old basic recipes, or simply on the hunt for new, innovative ways to pair gr8nola? In this Instagram Round Up, we've pulled together 8 healthy and creative recipes you’ll be dying to try! Irresistible, fun and easy-to-make -- this list is bound to help spruce up your waffles and pancakes with superfood gr8nola whether you enjoy your stacks savory, chocolatey or fruity. Why not make #WaffleWednesday everyday? 

1. Cinnamon Horchata Pancakes

Cinnamon Horchata Pancakes

Trade in your banana pancakes for these protein-packed cinnamon horchata pancakes from @livinbowld! Featuring Drinkkoia’s cinnamon horchata protein drink and Sproutliving’s vanilla protein powder in the batter, these pancakes are guaranteed to keep you full, energized and ready to tackle the day. Finish this decadent stack off with some organic banana slices, goji berries and of course, your favorite bag of gr8nola

For an added energy boost in the morning, try pairing with some Matcha Green Tea gr8nola!

2. Brainy Blue Waffles

Brainy Blue Waffles

“What’s that pretty blue drizzle,” you ask? Stay sharp with Pearl Butter’s Brain Butter spread over a mrmnutrition’s cinnamon bun protein-based waffle. Finish off with some OG gr8nola and berries!

Get the full details on @nutbutterfitness page.

3. Cloud Nine Waffles

Cloud Nine Waffles

Ice cream + Waffles = Still gr8 for you?

Achieve this clean, dreamy dessert -- or satisfy your early morning sweet tooth -- by pairing organic @threetwinsicecream with your go-to paleo waffle base. Throw some OG gr8nola on top along with some chocolate chips, or switch it up with Coco Cacao gr8nola for even more chocolatey superfood gr8ness!

4. Toasted Mini Delights

Toasted Mini Delights

Pressed for time? Try these pre-made mini pancakes from Birch Benders -- all you have to do is pop these protein-packed goodies in your toaster! And who says a quick, on-the-go breakfast had to be boring? We love how @thehealthyhaff stacked her toppings on her mini but mighty pancakes. Create your own superfood-topping mix by grabbing a bag  (or two… or three!) of your fav gr8nola.

P.S. If you love these mini pancakes, try reaching for one of our mini vegan gr8nola bags when you’re on the go!

5. Pancake Skillet

Pancake Skillet

Is it a pancake or a cookie? Enjoy the best of both worlds with this pizookie! Follow @fitonthetable’s lead and top with fresh berries, or get creative with savory, salty toppings -- the options are endless! Just make sure to include some superfood gr8nola on top for an added nutritional boost.

6. Fluffy Berry Crepes

Fluffy Berry Crepes

We’ve all had paleo waffles and pancakes more mornings than we’d like to admit. Switch up the texture by trying some of these paleo crepes from @chens_plate stuffed with your favorite dairy-free yogurt and nut butter. Throw some OG gr8nola on top for a delightful cinnamon-y crunch.

7. Chocolatey PB Pancake-Donuts

Chocolatey PB Pancake-Donuts

Wow your fam and guests with these fun pancake donuts! The secret? Take your favorite pancake mix (@choosing_balance used this grain-free one from Other Foods) along with Nuzest’s vegan chocolate protein powder and pour the batter into a donut pan. It’s actually a whole lot easier than cooking traditional pancakes! Finish off with some organic peanut butter, chocolate chips and your favorite gr8nola.

8. Coconut-Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Pancakes 

Coconut-Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Pancakes

Of course we’ve saved the best for last -- just look at that DRIP. Achieve this heavenly stack crafted by @cooking_emily by mixing Eating Evolved’s Caramel Sea Salt Coconut Cups into a Bob’s Red Mill paleo pancake mix batter. Top with Coco Cacao gr8nola and drizzle (or drown) your stack with organic melted chocolate!

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