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The #Gr8Giving Campaign

The #Gr8Giving Campaign Happy #GR8GIVING

In the spirit of giving, we decided to send some gr8nola to members of our community, asking them to pass it forward. Our goal was to initiate a ripple effect that would not only empower recipients to pass kindness forwards, but to share their acts of giving with us so that we can empower others to do likewise.

We're already feeling inspired by the results, and we're totally excited to share these #Gr8Giving stories with you!

Our friend Deb surprised a colleague with a bundle of goodies, including a notebook journal. She wrote a message to her colleague in the journal, thanking them for a recent small act of kindness. Her hope is that the journal will be passed around the building, and that coworkers will share kind things others have done for them.

Deb also thanked another hard working colleague who is always willing to lend a hand and share a smile or joke, by gifting him a bundle of gr8nola and a Starbucks gift card!

The gr8nola #Gr8giving Campaign

Melissa put together a care package with essential items, and left them in a Little Free Pantry. These pantries are popped up throughout the city of Chicago, and people can fill them with items for anyone who may be in need, with no questions asked. They're easily accessible to anyone who may be in a tough spot, and may not reach out for the help they may need, and can be accessed without long lines or paperwork. Melissa filled these care packages with essentials such as canned goods, toothbrushes, toothpastes, lip balms and gr8nola.

The gr8nola #Gr8giving Campaign

We hope these gr8 stories have inspired and empowered you as much as they have us. A HUGE thank you to our participants, Deb and Melissa, for sharing their #Gr8Giving actions with us.

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