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Halle Berry Talks Diet & Fitness While Eating Gr8nola

 Halle Berry Talks Diet & Fitness While Eating Gr8nola Image:
Halle Berry Talks Diet & Fitness While Eating Gr8nola Image:

Two words: Halle. Berry.

Halle Berry pretty much stands for everything gr8nola does: Do gr8 things, put in hard work, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and gr8ness will come.

Well, this past week, I found out that she was not only eating -- but actually featuring -- gr8nola on her Instagram story series PHIT TALKS, where Halle and her personal trainer talk everything diet, fitness and workout-related. When I saw my purple (and black) bags smack dab in the middle of her stories, I was floored (I even yelled, “Oh My God” outloud and scared the sh*t out of my mom, lol). You can probably deduce from my reaction that this came as a total surprise. I was shocked.




Many people have asked, "How did that happen; did you pay for that?" The answer is no, this was completely organic, unpaid for and out of the blue. As far as how this came about? Here are my takeaways and lessons:

1. Be a gr8 person (& hire gr8 people). 

As much as I’d love to claim credit, this was the sole doing of my brand angel, Connie Song, who offered to send Peter Lee Thomas, Halle’s trainer, gr8nola via Instagram.

2. Be gr8ful.

Whether or not gr8nola would ever make the light of day in Halle’s presence didn’t matter. (That was more of a “fantasy” and “oooh, how cool would it be if…” thought). We were simply happy and quite honestly, grateful, that he was open to trying gr8nola in the first place.

3. Have a gr8 product.

After Peter received his package, he shared his feedback with us privately via DM. It was positive, but very high level: “So far, so good, thanks again”. This was back in May 2019.

4. Have no expectations.

After that last DM, we didn’t press or hound him, or even ask if Halle got to try it. There wasn’t much contact at all, as we had zero expectations that Peter would share gr8nola with Halle, or even on his personal IG account. 

5. Be patient.

Six months later (Nov 2019) and completely out of the blue, Halle Berry is sharing products on her Instagram stories, and gr8nola is center stage as she and Peter eat, enjoy and rave about the product in real-time to her followers. O.M.G!


This specific case study isn’t a story about how “persistence pays off” (although I’m a HUGE proponent of this philosophy, of course), because remember: our interaction with Peter was quite infrequent. However, it goes to show the value of aligning yourself with great people, and being generous and great to others without expecting anything in return. If you live by these values, gr8 things can happen at the most unexpected moments -- in both life and business.