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Printable Packing List For The “Healthy Traveler”

 Woman enjoying her day on the beach
Woman enjoying her day on the beach

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Since you were a kid, you’ve spent all year looking forward to vacation time. It’s the time of year when computer glow turns into sunkissed skin, when sleeping in is expected, and when your biggest responsibility is planning where to eat next. While the chance to escape from everyday life is always exciting, leaving your normal routine can send your mental and physical health out of whack.

We know you’re prepared with the essentials (plus at least five extra pairs of underwear and socks) but in all the excitement of getting ready to leave, it’s easy to forget the things that may help you create that sense of routine in a new place. So we created a packing list of the technically non-essential (but to us, totally essential) things you may have forgotten, with holistic health in mind. Both your body and mind will feel ready to experience new things in a new place during the very best time of year.


Bring a hat to the beach!

Multitasking Sunscreen: You won’t need a reminder to protect your face when your favorite, skin-perfecting tinted moisturizer just happens to have SPF 30. This matte tinted moisturizer protects your skin, boosts it with antioxidants, reduces shine and gives even the most dehydrated skin the perfect touch of moisture.

Lip Balm with SPF: We know you remembered your trusty sunscreen to protect your body, but what about the extra-sensitive skin on your lips? The Supergoop! Mint Condition Lip Shield SPF 30 natural lip balm has easy-to-pronounce ingredients like beeswax and grapeseed oil and its waxy formula stays on your lips no matter what you decide to snack on. 

A Hat: Whether you’re a floppy hat or OG baseball cap kind of person, you should definitely come prepared with headgear. Keeping your face out of the sun is the best trick to healthy skin… and to hiding third-day-hair. We love the Lululemon Baller Hat that wicks away sweat and is perfect for a pony. 


Travel Yoga Mat for the Beach

Having access to a gym doesn’t have to affect your activity levels. Whether you’re dealing with a dinky hotel gym or just a grass patch outside your hostel, here are some items you can bring to spruce up your workout in any condition.

Resistance Bands: Work the booty and legs without a squat rack. These resistance bands take up minimal room, but definitely bring the burn. They can be used so many ways, both in HIIT moves and resistance training, whether you have a whole field or just a 200 square-foot hotel room.

Travel Yoga Mat: Your bulky yoga mat may not seem like a practical use of carry-on space, but this 2-pound mat folds to fit any bag. What sounds better than downward dog in a new and beautiful place (well, maybe savasana).

Jumprope: Jumping rope is one of the quickest, most effective ways to get a cardio or HIIT workout in, no matter where you are. This one is fast, great quality, adjustable, and even comes with a travel bag!


Bring a reusable water bottle with you!

Reusable Water Bottle: Good for the environment, good to help keep your hydration goals on track. Kinda a no brainer. But easy to forget! We recommend Hydroflasks -- they keep your water super cold all day and come in a ton of cute colors.

Sleep Mask: This may seem silly, but you’ll be thanking us later. Whether you’re taking a red eye but desperately trying to avoid red eyes, or your beach view hotel room has a beach view at 5 AM, a sleep mask will definitely come in handy. 

Probiotics: When you’re in a new place, it’s pretty common for digestion to get… a little wonky. We recommend probiotics to help regulate your digestion and keep your gut happy while you taste test all the local foods! This one is a great vegan option.

Mental Health

Bring a book to the beach

Journal: Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, taking time to write and reflect will help slow down the pace of travel and bring mindfulness to your break. Plus, you probably don’t get to travel everyday, so taking the time to keep a log will give you something to take home, a feeling that you can savor even when you’re back in the day-to-day.

A Real, Physical Book: You spend most of the year saying you’re too busy to read for pleasure. Now is your chance! Stop by a bookstore before you leave and pick up a physical book that you’ve been dying to read. There’s something about getting off-screen and feeling real pages, even marking it up with a pencil or dog-earing pages that stick with you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sun glare when you’re lounging by the pool. Win-win.

Melatonin: Trouble sleeping in a new place? Melatonin is a completely natural supplement that helps regulate the body’s daily rhythmic cycle (perfect for jet lag). This one is non-GMO and super effective. It also can help with stress and immunity. 


Gr8nola Minis are perfect for summer travels!

Reusable Snack Baggies: Instead of bringing bulky tupperware everywhere with you, invest in some of these BPA-free bags that’ll stash perfectly in your carry-on or purse. When you get to your destination, don’t be afraid to go all out at the local grocery store and stock up on nuts, fruits and veggies -- then store them in these baggies for on-the-goal snacks that won’t break your budget or diet. 

Chia Seeds: Get your fiber in to help your tummy out with new foods -- perfect to put in your water, on top of smoothie bowls, or even go the extra mile and make chia seed pudding in your snack baggies as a breakfast on the go!

Tea Bags: Almost anywhere you stay will have hot water. Come prepared with your favorite tea bags to sip on before bed or first thing in the morning to help set your routine. This organic tea from Trader Joe’s has one of our favorite superfoods, turmeric, to help ease your travel bloat and calm your tummy!

Powders On the Go: If hot tea isn’t your jam, we absolutely love matcha powder because it can mix in hot or cold water. This one comes in single serve packs, making it great for traveling! We also love to stay healthy by sneaking greens or collagen into bevs. You’ll be getting in all your nutrients easily, without spending your vacation chopping veggies. Who has time for that on vacay? 

Gr8nola Minis: The perfect snack for on-the-go, prepackaged into perfect portions for your convenience… does it get any more travel-friendly than that? The best part? We made these in every flavor so that you can get adventurous while you adventure.