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8 Gr8 Healthy Summer Travel Tips

 8 Gr8 Healthy Summer Travel Tips
8 Gr8 Healthy Summer Travel Tips

Excited for your summer travels? So are we! While it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of summer fun, we try to remind ourselves that staying healthy and well rested will allow us to maximize our vacation vibes. We put together a list of summer travel tips to help you travel in style and good health, without interrupting your vacation plans.

Read on for all the details, and as always, stay #hungryforgr8ness.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While the sunshine and good vibes can bring fun times, it can also introduce opportunities for dehydration and heat stroke. Staying hydrated is so essential to your ability to maximize your summer vacay!

2. Up Your Skincare Routine

One of our favorite healthy travel hacks is to put a hydrating face mask and/or eye gels on while we kick back on a plane or in the passenger seat on a road trip. Hello, dewy summer glow.

3. Pack Healthy On-The-Go Snacks

Stay energized without slowing down the pace of your travels, with travel-sized snacks such as superfood gr8nola mini packs and That’s It fruit bars

4. Incorporate Mindful Moments

Don’t forget to take the time to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. Whether it’s an evening beach walk, or a blissful morning at a local farmer’s market – there are many magical moments that you can steal for yourself during your summer travels.

5. Pack A Mini First Aid Kit

We hope you won’t need to use your first aid kid, but it never hurts to be prepared! We’re obsessed with these unique first aid pouches on Etsy, which are perfect for stashing all your necessities.

6. Keep Your Body Moving

We get it – summer travels can cause a dent in your usual workout routine. Why not pick 3-5 body weight exercises or simple cardio movements and commit to incorporating them into your daily routine? Between pushups, core workouts, body weight squats and more, there are plenty of ways to stay moving throughout your vacay.

7. Don’t Forget About Sun Protection

Avoid sunburn and all of its side effects by limiting direct exposure to the sun.

8. Get Some Rest

All of the good vibes and summer travel can be exhilarating, yet exhausting. Don’t forget to give yourself the time and grace to rest, recover and recoup throughout your vacation.