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Leftover Granola Uses: 8 Gr8 Recipes & Ideas

 Leftover Granola Uses: 8 Gr8 Recipes & Ideas
Leftover Granola Uses: 8 Gr8 Recipes & Ideas

Got some extra granola kicking around? Have some crumbs left at the bottom of the bag that you want to get creative with? Wondering what recipes you can make with old granola? We’ve shared eight delicious and healthy ways to use leftover granola in clean ingredient recipes.

Read on for the deets, and don’t forget to tag us (@gr8nola) in your creations if you try any of them! Who knows, your creative concoctions might just get featured on our social media ;)

1. Make A Pie Crust

No Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie

Ditch the graham cracker crust and make a better-for-you granola pie crust with your leftover granola! Fruit pies, cheesecakes, and tarts are all gr8 options for a granola pie crust.

Click here for the recipe: No Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie

2. Pair Up A Perfect Parfait

“Cookies 'n Cream” Coconut Chia Pudding

Looking to use up those leftover granola crumbs at the bottom of the bag? Add some crunchy layers to your yogurt, chia or fruit parfait so that no taste goes to waste.

Click here for the recipe: “Cookies 'n Cream” Coconut Chia Pudding

3. Bake It Into Banana Bread:

Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Once you swap out the refined flour in your baking recipes for granola, there’s no turning back. Bakers rave over our oh-so-soft and fluffy banana bread, featuring OG gr8nola. What better way to use up your leftover granola than to whip up a warm and cozy loaf of ‘nana bread?!

Click here for the recipe: The Gr8est Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

4. Make Layered Bars

No-Bake Vegan Twix Bars

Raw layered bars are all the rage these days, and we love using leftover granola as the main ingredient in our crust recipes. We’ve recreated some of our favorite candy bars in vegan, raw form using a granola superfood crust -- from Twix Bars to Snickers Bars and Mounds Bars, we’ve got a raw bar recipe for all taste buds!

Click here for the recipe: No-Bake Vegan Twix Bars

5. Make A Crumble Or A Crisp

Baked Grapefruit Superfood Crisp

If you’ve only got a handful of granola left, slice up your favorite fruits and make a crumble or a crisp topping! We’ve made everything from a Spiced Chai Apple Crumble to Superfood Turmeric Baked Peaches and even a Baked Grapefruit Superfood Crisp.

Click here for the recipe: Baked Grapefruit Superfood Crisp

6. Make Granola Bars

No Bake Granola Bars

Not to be obvious, but why not throw together some simple homemade granola bars? Use your favorite nut or seed butters and natural sweeteners as binders, then throw in your fave add-ins. We’ve even shared three delicious recipes to make your life easier. 

Click here for the recipe: How To Make No Bake Granola Bars: 3 Ways

7. Make No-Bake Cookies

Healthy Cookie Dough Bites

What’s better than raw cookie dough? Edible raw cookie dough made with clean ingredients that you can eat without the guilt or fear of getting sick! You can throw together raw, no-bake cookie recipes by grinding up your leftover granola and using it as a flour base -- feel free to thank us later.

Click here for the recipe: Healthy Cookie Dough Bites Recipe (Raw & Vegan)

8. Make Granola Clusters

Dark Chocolate Covered Granola Almond Clusters

Granola clusters are one of our FAVORITE ways to use up leftover granola. The beauty of these babies is that you can really throw anythinggggg you want into them. From almonds to dried fruit to chocolate chips -- you can personalize granola clusters to your liking, AND you can make each batch as small or as large as you want (the perfect leftover option!).

Click here for the recipe: Dark Chocolate Covered Granola Almond Clusters

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